Diet for liver and biliary tract should contribute to the restoration of the functional state of the liver itself, normalization of bile and biliary excretion, as well as restoration of impaired metabolism in the body. The food should be easily digestible and tasty, as liver diseases generally suffers appetite.
Diet differs from conventional high content of easily digestible protein, fiber, vitamins and mineral substances on the one hand and limiting fat, particularly animal origin and products, enhancing the secretion of digestive juices, – on the other. These conditions correspond to diet number 5 to Pevsner. The basis of the diet is a regular 5-6 meals every 3-4 hours


– Milk and various dairy products
– Boiled and stewed meat (beef, veal, chicken)
– Boiled fresh lean fish (perch, cod, saffron cod, perch, ice fish)
– Vegetables, vegetable dishes, fruit, sauerkraut;
– Soups, vegetable, cereal, milk,
– Cereal and flour products;
– Honey, jam, jelly, marmalade.


– Butter no more than 50-70 grams. for adults and 30-40 g. for children
– Eggs not more than 2-3 times a week, in the form of an omelet;
– Cheese in a small amount is not sharp;
– Sausage doctor, diet, dining,
– Salmon caviar and sturgeon, herring,
– Tomatoes.


– Alcoholic beverages;
– All kinds of fried, smoked and pickled foods;
– Pork, lamb, meat, goose, duck,
– The liver, brains,
– Spicy seasonings such as horseradish, pepper, mustard and vinegar;
– Onions, beans,
– Pastry with lots of fat (cakes)
– Chocolate, chocolate candy, cocoa, coffee
– Nuts;
– Ice cream;
– Tomato juice.

Recommendation physician

Your treating doctor necessarily tell you to follow the diet. He may appoint any additional limitations associated with the peculiarities of a particular disease. Duration compliance of such a rigid diet should also be determined by the attending physician.

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