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Montignac System

According to the system of the famous Dr. Montignac many lose weight. His books have a special charm: They have a great spirit of France, with its anxious and passionate attitude to food. How can I keep it sitting on a diet? What is the secret of the great Frenchman?


Any restrictive diet causes resistance already in the process of dating. We disliked this pathos cells and lashes, even if the author of the method claims that with his help, we will solve all the problems for three weeks. And even more so if the cage and whip - for a long time or forever.

Montignac successfully coped with this problem. He writes big books about nice and delicious things, in which the actual restrictions and prohibitions given to a relatively small place. He strongly criticized the low-calorie diet - and we agree with all my heart to him.

Recipes from his blows good French restaurant, not a clinic for weight loss.

Montignac builds on all natural products in the best tradition of the French school. In its proposed recipes you find in amazement combination of broth and cream, bacon, pork loin and bacon - and all this in the diet for weight loss.

People who have had to struggle with being overweight (or high cholesterol, blood pressure, lipids,...), just can not believe it. They are used to give up the broth and cream, even in isolation, but not that together! When it comes to pork loin or goose liver, calorie counters burn out. That's why some slimming, as well as specialists, nutritionists perceive Montignac book as a cruel joke.

In fact, his system is essentially - an ordinary low-carb diet. Just Frenchman is not too strict and allows us some freedom, resulting in weight loss process is somewhat slower, but the quality of life improves. The fact that the system offers its Montinyak not as diet, and as a method of feeding, that is life. Diet may be tasteless, and unbalanced - would be fast and effective. The method also supply must provide a person in good health, high performance and positive emotions derived from food.


For a long time it was thought that to lose weight you just need to eat as little as possible. Anyone who has ever tried to cut calories, know: weight thus goes very slowly, and at the first opportunity is back with a vengeance. That's why it was so important discovery: it turns out, is not to blame for the deposition of fat excess calories, and the nature of food consumed. And more specifically - the amount of glucose that enters the blood.

We get glucose in two ways. The first - the body's production of its own fatty tissue. Second - from the food belonging to the family of carbohydrates, for example, sugars, fruits and starches. When we eat these products, the concentration of glucose in the blood increases rapidly relative to the normal level (it is 1 g per liter of blood). It can improve, for example, from 1 to 1.2 g / l, when you eat fruit, or up to 1.7 g / l of potato used. Such a sharp increase in blood glucose levels is called hyperglycemia. And the ability to cause its designated products hyperglycaemic index.

The basis of the system Montignac - the rejection of primary products to the glycemic index above 50. Preference should be given to natural products. Thus, bananas (index 60), beets (65), carrots (85) and honey (90), although come to your table occasionally, but still more than the biscuits (70), popcorn (85), mashed potatoes ( 90) or premium white bread (95).

Carbohydrates with a glycemic index of 20 to 50 Montignac allows use without mixing with fats. For example, milk and dairy products (glycemic index of about 35) must be free of grease. Oatmeal, buckwheat and pasta, wholemeal will have no oil, meat and cheese - with tomato or vegetable stew. Beans and lentils go in salads and meatless soups.

And the only carbohydrate foods glycemic index lower than 15, such as soybeans, green vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemons can be eaten without restriction in any combination.


Montignac divides the weight loss process into two phases.

In the first - phase of weight loss - all the products are strictly prohibited from glycemic index above 50, in the second - phase maintaining a healthy weight - such products are allowed, but in limited quantities.

Those who are basically satisfied with their weight, or from time to time gaining 2-3 kilos, the first phase is not needed.


But if the rules of supply Montignac little different from the low-carb diets, the recipes vary considerably. Exhausted slimming citizens can read them as poems. They have only one problem: complexity. At least one person in the family is really to love and to be able to cook.

In addition, will have to manage to fit fine French cuisine in their everyday work. Montignac recommends to focus on breakfast and lunch, and dinner at a minimum. In life, as a rule, they achieve the opposite.

The system Montignac allow you to be both fit, healthy, fresh and energetic.

Finally, the last. Experience shows that people who have chosen the real French cuisine, do not usually suffer from excess weight (how to calculate how much you should weigh - Overweight cm), even if you do not deny yourself small pleasures like fresh croissants for breakfast. There is something in this kitchen was originally harmonious: likely range of products and methods for their treatment combinations not drain the pancreas does not upset the carbohydrate metabolism and leads to obesity. Glycemic index of some products Baked and fried potatoes - 95
Cornflakes - 85
Sugar - 75
White bread of plain flour - 70
Milk Chocolate - 70
Boiled potatoes - 70
Corn - 70
White rice - 70
Gray and black bread - 65
Melon - 60
Pasta made with white flour - 55
Bread from wheat flour with bran - 50
The crude (brown) rice - 50
Peas - 50
Muesli without sugar - 50
Oatmeal - 40
Fruit Juice - 40
Rye bread with bran - 40
Buckwheat - 40
Pasta from wheat flour - 40
Colored beans - 40
Dairy products - 35
Lentils - 30
Fresh fruit - 30
Black chocolate (60% cocoa) - 22
Fructose - 20
Green vegetables, tomatoes <15
Lemons <15.