A proper diet for peptic ulcer is an integral component of therapy. The diet is usually characterized as mechanically, chemically and thermally gentle. Frequency meals increases to 5 times a day with an interval of 3-4 hours.

Diet should have high nutritional value and include a sufficient amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Chemical means sparing under the exclusion of products having a high acidity and increase the secretion of gastric juice. They can slow down the healing of the ulcer.

Food should not mechanically irritate the stomach lining. Therefore, all foods should be consumed in powdered form or puree. The improvement of the move from pureed foods to cooked. Thermal sparing implies a use of food, the temperature of which does not irritate the damaged lining of the stomach. Not recommended for use as too cold and too hot dishes. It is better if the temperature is closer to the body temperature.


– White, wheat, the dried or slightly stale bread, white nesdobnoe crackers, cookies nesdobnoe;
– Soft-boiled eggs or an omelet as vapor;
– Soups (pureed, cereals, vegetables, chicken, dairy)
– Milk, sour cream, not sour fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt
– Lean beef, skinless chicken, veal pureed, in the form of steam or boiled meatballs;
– River fish (perch, pike, perch, any low-fat varieties), mashed, in the form of steam or boiled meatballs;
– Vegetables cooked or powdered form (carrots, potatoes, beets, zucchini, pumpkin)
– Cereal and pasta (buckwheat, semolina, oats, rice cereal, pasta, boiled)
– Vegetable oil, butter,
– Berries (raspberries, strawberries, strawberry)
– Jelly, mousse, jelly, juice,
– Decoction of rose hips and wheat bran, sour vegetable and berry juices, sparkling mineral water.


– Fatty meats;
– Fatty fish;
– Any fried foods;
– Meat and fish broths and soups
– Mushroom soup;
– Fat (fat sheep, beef and pork fat)
– Salty and spicy dishes;
– Sausages;
– Canned goods
– Pastry, rye bread, pies
– Alcoholic beverages;
– Ice cream:
– Sparkling mineral water
– Alcoholic drinks.

Consult with your doctor regarding features diet in your particular case. Duration dieting depends on the severity of the disease and rate of ulcer healing.

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