Scientists call the low-calorie diet geroprotective – prolonging youth – and argue that the full low-calorie diet – the key to a very long life. Healthy heart, liver, joints, plus trim figure in a hundred years or so – you will agree, for the sake of this can and try.

The essence of a low-calorie diet is as follows. On the day allowed to eat about 1,500 calories (physically active men can be up to 1800 kcal). When a low-calorie diet to donate in the first place have animal fat (sausage, butter, meat) and simple carbohydrates (sweets). Of course, without fanaticism: fats and fatty acids are needed to man, but their “contribution” to the total caloric intake should not exceed 20% (which is 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 60 g of nuts). Without the protein, we also can not do without his daily rate – about 60 grams (that’s 300 grams of meat, or 2 liters of milk). The basis of the menu at a low-calorie diet should be unrefined foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

But everything is very individual: in particular, people with high physical activity requires more carbohydrates for cardiovascular problems is to reduce the proportion of fat.

Note – low-calorie diet should be full, ie contain everything you need. You should not rely on supplements – your body is not indifferent to how to absorb nutrients. Thus, amino acids absorbed at 16 (!) Times better from eggs and milk than additives. In short, to compensate for a poor diet pills and capsules can not, but you can improve them good.

Lean and well-fed

It may seem that the rate of low-calorie diet of 1500 kcal just inhuman. It is one thing – to endure the pangs of hunger couple of weeks, and the other – those 150 years, to which we, in fact, committed. However, “low-calorie” and “hungry” – not the same. The “right” products such as cereals, grains, vegetables and fruits you can eat and 1500 kcal. But the buns, pies and the like will have to eat at least satiety 3000 kcal.

“Right” foods – cereals, grains, vegetables and fruits – you can eat 1,500 calories and.

The main point of rejuvenating low-calorie diet: menu should be thoroughly thought out and most diverse. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try something new. And not just for fun: open, not all the nutrients necessary for a person of normal life for long. Therefore, every new product is useful – unless, of course, there are hypersensitive. Not the fact that the monotony of eating habits will help get rid of extra calories, but vitamins and minerals will really be missed. Especially since many of them – antioxidants that is actively involved in helping the body to maintain strength and youth


A light breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese or cheese, salad, vegetables, or unsweetened fruit, seasoned with lemon juice, porridge without butter, salt and sugar, a glass of freshly squeezed juice or tea from the hips.

Lunch – maximum daily calorie and full of protein: salads, fresh vegetables, nuts and greens meatless soup, main dish of lean meat, poultry with herbs or sea fish.

Dinner – not later than 20 hours: vegetables, porridge from whole grains, savory biscuits, corn bread, milk or yogurt.

Right start

Weight “long youth” by 10-25% below the “natural” body weight – the one that you have as a young man in peak physical condition. If in 25 years, with growth of 170 cm you weigh, say, 65 kg, then to adulthood is better to lose weight 58-60 kg. (How to calculate how much you should weigh – Overweight cm.) But to lose weight should be very slowly, over several years, or about lasting results can only dream.

Where to start? Reduce the calorie content. But slowly and in moderation. Men for a low-calorie diet, you can start to 2000, and women – from 1800 kcal. Every 5-6 weeks, you can arrange fasting days. Do not blame yourself if overeaten at the banquet table: important to the total number of calories per week, or month. It is necessary to reduce the calorie content in the next few days – and the balance will be met. And do not forget about exercise. Pull strands of himself is not necessary, but are actively moving to the age necessary.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, legumes, dairy products, fish and sea – that’s what these centenarians eat.

For maximum effect on rejuvenating low-calorie diet is best to move from an early age – as soon as finished growing. However, few people seriously thinking about it in his prime. But to no avail. Attractive “empty” calories (candy and soda) will show up on the negative side in 30 years. Cancel the “bad” treats (just 100-125 calories a day) at a young age prolongs life of 2.5 years!

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