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What is the medical and health limotherapy?

Limotherapy in alternative medicine called a short voluntary refusal of food, followed by a lightweight (dietary) power for a certain time under the supervision of a doctor with a medical or recreational purpose. Also, this method is called "limotherapy-diet therapy" or RTD, sometimes "food abstinence".

Revitalizing limotherapy is carried out in a very short period of time (24-36 hours), the special elimination of starvation, it does not suggest it is the general purpose of prevention of health and medical supervision does not require.

Health and wellness starvation property based on the assumption that in the absence of food coming from outside the digestive organs and related systems are moving into the "recovery", and the body to sustain life and activates the endocrine system uses primarily its least valuable education. Proponents argue that properly conducted methodically "intermittent limotherapy", except for the direct therapeutic result, leads to additional effects such as the cleansing of the body, the release of his so n. slags, rejuvenation.

However, even proponents of limotherapy recognize that it is a double-edged weapon, which if not avoided, may result in adverse effects. Therefore, limotherapy should be done only under the supervision of a physician familiar with this technique, and has personal experience in the wellness and observe the gradual starvation and prudence.

Limotherapy authorized by the Ministry of Health as a method of treating a number of diseases. But do not confuse limotherapy-diet therapy carried out by qualified doctors, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by various studies and not confirmed and dangerous to the health of techniques offered in a number of scientific and popular publications and commercial organizations.

Specialist RTD can be a doctor one of the clinical specialties, held a course on limotherapy-diet therapy. He should be able to develop individual program of recovery and rehabilitation, providing a comprehensive non-medical use of techniques aimed at restoring the optimum performance of a man.

Harm starvation is its reverse side. Reduced diet or elimination of food leads to the fact that develops fatigue, drowsiness. Limotherapy is a stress to the body. He can not appoint himself, the process of limotherapy should be under the supervision of doctors. Prolonged limotherapy can cause a variety of complications, including: exacerbation of chronic foci of infection, severe ketoacidosis during the growing stage (nausea, vomiting, cramping abdominal pain, weakness), orthostatic syncope (collapse), convulsions, renal colic, abnormal heart rhythm and conduction, "salt" swelling during the recovery period.

Indications for limotherapy

- hypertension early stage;
- cardiopsychoneurosis of hypertensive and mixed type (limit up NTSTS hypotonic type - there is a possibility of orthostatic collapse)
- coronary heart disease, angina I, the functional classes;
- chronic obstructive bronchitis
- bronchial asthma
- pulmonary sarcoidosis stage I and II;
- chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency and hyperacide state gastroduodenitis;
- chronic non-calculous cholecystitis and pancreatitis
- biliary dyskinesia, irritable bowel syndrome)
- diseases of the musculoskeletal system of inflammatory and degenerative genesis
- neuroendocrine abnormalities in chronic salpingoofaritah;
- prostate adenoma;
- alimentary-constitutional, dientsefalno obesity;
- skin allergies (chronic allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema)
- neuroses, depression, food and (or) drug allergy.


- distinct lack of body weight (more than 15% of predicted)
- malignant tumor
- Active tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs
- bronchiectasis;
- systemic diseases of blood
- diabetes;
- thyrotoxicosis;
- irregular heart rhythm, and (or) the conductivity of any origin;
- macrofocal condition after suffering a heart attack;
- heart failure
- chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver
- chronic renal insufficiency of any origin;
- thrombophlebitis
- coronary heart disease with cardiac arrhythmias;
- severe arterial hypotension
- cholelithiasis;
- urolithiasis;
- peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
- chronic venous insufficiency
- gout
- febrile state;
- pregnancy and lactation
- children and elderly patients.

Indications for the cessation of limotherapy

- the patient's refusal to continue the RTD;
- ketoacidosis;
- the emergence of general weakness, reaching adinamii;
- Repeated orthostatic fainting
- the occurrence of persistent sinus tachycardia (110 120 u. / Min or more) or severe sinus bradycardia (50 beats. / Min or less)
- persistent abnormal heart rhythm, and (or) conduction
- appearance of signs of increasing weakness of the heart;
- the occurrence of acute erosive and ulcerative changes in the mucous membrane of gastroduodenal area;
- occurrence of acute hepatic or renal colic
- an increase in ALT and AST, and (or) direct bilirubin more than 2 times higher than the norm (in case of short-term courses of limotherapy in healthy people control over the level of enzymes is optional)
- reduction of body weight by more than 15% of the original.

Revitalizing starvation

In the absence of contraindications, without physician supervision can only be a one-day sanitary starvation (24 hours). Over a long period of limotherapy should be done only after consultation with a specialist, and under his supervision. With a balanced diet at the usual time and at least minimal exertion, such limotherapy days to help lose weight, and subsequently hold a normal weight.

Determine in advance the date and plan their affairs so that you can spend the day at home or at the cottage, so nothing distracts you and not worried.

On the day before limotherapy be kept for food, not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not eat at night. Many experts believe it is better to stick to the day before limotherapy light vegetarian diet. The next day you will have to do without food, but it will give additional free time. Therefore, if you are starving the first time, try to find a peaceful pleasant experience. It is not necessary to load the body physically, and starvation is so stressful. Good to spend the day outdoors, you can take a leisurely stroll. Do not make your first limotherapy at work. Too much attention to you can only make it difficult to starvation.

There are several types of starvation, of which the main powder (absolute, i.e. no food or water) and total (only water). Self can only be starvation, so you need to drink the usual fresh water without any additives. You can drink as much water as you want. If you'd like, you can add the water a little lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Begin limotherapy is better in the middle of the day or night, to finish, respectively, also in the evening. You can take a shower and then dinner. Dinner should be light best vegetable salad can be a bit of fruit, tea and water. Avoid coffee, alcohol and smoking.

The next day, the usual food, but better yet do not overeat, to include in the diet of fresh and boiled or steamed vegetables, fruits, dairy products, leaving bread, cakes and other goodies for later. Preferably, the fractional light food.

Remember that limotherapy is an effective procedure, but also a serious burden and stress on the body. It can help you lose weight and improve the condition of various diseases, but can also be hard to hurt yourself. Be sensible and careful, refer only to the competent doctors!