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Diet for Chronic Gastritis


Nutritional therapy is the leader in the treatment of chronic gastritis. In drawing up the diet take into account the acidity of gastric juice (hypo-or option hyperacid gastritis). Assigned to the most strict diet during the exacerbation. With the improvement of patient health diet gradually expanded.

Descriptions of therapeutic diets are full of variety is not too pleasant and attractive words such as broths, souffles, puddings, etc. Looking at such a list, often do not want to eat! However, of the allowed foods can be cooked really tasty and healthy meals for the whole family. For example, the menu of expensive French restaurants, most products will be cooked just a couple. It's clear that received from the waiter serving delicious fish you will not experience it absolutely no disgust. It should only spend some time searching for delicious and healthy recipes and enter them into your daily diet. A balanced diet not only leads to a cure of the underlying disease, but also to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins.

Keep in mind that patients with gastritis hurt and sad to observe that, as the family members will gladly consume fried potatoes with grilled chicken, salad and beer.

Diet in acute gastritis

The purpose of such a diet is the maximum (mechanical, chemical and thermal), sparing the gastrointestinal tract, reducing inflammation, improving the healing of mucosal.

This is a reduced caloric diet from carbohydrates and some protein and fat. Meals are prepared in the form of mashed, boiled in water or steamed, given in liquid and mushy state. Excludes very cold and hot dishes. Diet: 6 times a day in small portions.

On day 1 of the disease must refrain from eating, drinking is allowed up to 2 liters per day (broth hips, sweet tea with lemon). On the 2nd day prescribed liquid food, jelly, jelly, meat souffle. On day 3, allowed white crackers, steam cutlets, meatballs, low-fat soup, potato or carrot puree, compote. Further diet gradually expanded.


- Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, soft drinks, sauces, spices;
- Raw vegetables and fruit, including berries;
- Fresh bread and flour products, especially from the biscuit dough
- Milk drinks, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese.

List of allowed foods:

- Lean beef, veal, rabbit, chicken, turkey, lean fish (in the form of puree or steam souffle)
- Milk, cream, steam souffle freshly grated cheese;
- Soft-boiled eggs or omelette steam;
- Liquid porridge made from semolina, grated buckwheat, oats and rice with milk or cream;
- Weak tea with milk or cream, juices, fresh fruit and berries, diluted with water and sugar, broth hips;
- Creamy and refined vegetable oils are added to cooked dishes.

Diet during the period of remission

Diet varies depending on the acidity of the stomach.

If this is the most common variant with high acidity you need regular fractional (4-5 times/day) meals at certain hours with the exception of products that stimulate acid secretion. Such products are, for example, nourishing meat, fish and mushroom broth. They should be replaced meatless soups or milk to neutralize the excess acid. But the sweet fruit juices, non-carbonated mineral water bicarbonate, cocoa and all kinds of jelly is very good, "extinguish" the symptoms of the disease. In addition, you will have to give up the foods irritate the stomach lining - from the acute, smoked, marinated and grilled, are excluded, fatty meats, poultry, duck, goose, canned meat. From vegetables to give up the cabbage, turnips, radishes, sorrel, onions, are excluded salty, pickled and marinated vegetables.

List of allowed foods:

- White bread from flour baking yesterday or dried, should refrain from rye xleba, products from biscuit and pastry;
- Steam and boiled beef dishes, the young lean lamb, cut the pork, chicken, turkey, veal tongue, doctor's sausage;
- Fish dishes are usually low-fat varieties, skinless, whole or in the form of cakes, prepared with water or steam;
- Milk, cream, sour yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese as a souffle, lazy dumplings, pudding;
- Cereals, semolina, buckwheat, rice, cooked in water, milk, semi-viscous, pureed;
- Potatoes, carrots, beets, cauliflower, cooked with water or steam, in a souffle, mashed potatoes, steamed puddings;
- Fruit puree, jelly, jellies, compotes, honey
- Weak tea with milk, cream, sweet juices from fruits and berries.

In chronic gastritis with low acidity of the diet should also avoid spicy, smoked and spicy food, which, as we already know, besides enhancing acidity irritates the lining of the stomach. But the meat and fish broth that stimulate acid production, should be introduced in the daily diet. It is necessary to exclude from the foods and dishes that are digested in the stomach for a long time. This includes any pastry products, pancakes, fried pies, rice and rye bread.