Atkins diet
Atkins Diet – one of the most-popular diets in the world – has claimed a lot of pounds and health at their admirers in the West as well as in our country.

Diet and blood
The author of this diet Dr. Peter D’Adamo first proposed that different people need different food.

Diet for allergic diseases
Allergic diseases – a large group of diseases, and includes such serious conditions as angioedema, anaphylactic shock, bronchial asthma and less life-threatening diseases (allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, etc.). For some of these diseases will be exactly a factor provoking foods. For other more important allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust, etc. It is clear that dietary advice to so many different diseases to be significantly different. However, there are a number of recommendations that will be useful to everyone.

Diet for chronic gastritis
Nutritional therapy is the leader in the treatment of chronic gastritis. Assigned to the most strict diet during the exacerbation. With the improvement of patient health diet gradually expanded.

Diet for heart health
Do you want to be fit and happy life? Learn to have the benefit of the heart. Oddly enough, there is a relationship, and direct.

Diet for kidney stones
In the kidney stones are found? Prepared for the fact that from now on the table would have to sit down at least 5 times a day, drink up to 1.5-2 liters of water, eat small meals and always heated food. What kind of – depends on the composition of stones.

Fasting is the last half century in medicine, both academic and alternative, very “fashionable” trend. It is used for weight loss, general health, and even for the treatment of many diseases. However, fasting can have serious consequences for human health, it requires careful and cautious attitude, and in most cases – counseling and surveillance specialist. It should be remembered that there are a number of strict fasting contraindications, as well as the fact that the body is necessary to properly prepare for the fasting and deduce from it.

Low-calorie diet
Scientists call this diet geroprotective – prolonging youth – and argue that the full low-fat diet – the key to a very long life. Healthy heart, liver, joints, plus trim figure in a hundred years or so – you will agree, for the sake of this can and try.

Meals for peptic ulcer
A proper diet for peptic ulcer is an integral component of therapy. The diet is usually characterized as mechanically, chemically and thermally gentle. Frequency meals increases to 5 times a day with an interval of 3-4 hours.

Montignac system
According to the system of the famous Dr. Montignac many lose weight. His books have a special charm: They have a great spirit of France, with its anxious and passionate attitude to food. How can I keep it sitting on a diet? What is the secret of the great Frenchman?

Nutrition in liver diseases
Diet for liver and biliary tract should contribute to the restoration of the functional state of the liver itself, normalization of bile and biliary excretion, as well as restoration of impaired metabolism in the whole body.

Man is gaining excess weight if eaten more than a day spends his body. Being overweight, and especially obesity leads to many health problems and shortens life. about obesity say when a person’s weight by at least 20% higher due (in the calculation takes into account height, age, sex, and constitution), waist circumference greater than 100 cm in men and 90 cm in women, and the ratio of waist and hips more than 1 in men 0.45 and more women.

Perhaps the best way to lose weight – completely refuse to eat? But the experts say: hunger persistently interferes with the activity of the body – much more active than the most potent drugs. Therefore, to reduce the weight of the low-fat diet is much more effective than starvation!

Strict diet: “pros” and “cons”
The essence of a strict diet is to get no more than 1,000 calories a day, and often even less – about 500 calories. The menu gives a very poor, with a limited set of products. Observe a strict diet usually no more than 2 weeks, since in the longer term the body begins to lack of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat or other substances required, depending on the type of diet. However, contrary to popular opinion, most people, the effectiveness of dieting is most often very small.

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