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This cosmetic procedure is often referred to as "non-surgical tightening" and even said that now the plastic does not need to be.

In fact, the only thing that makes this procedure - improves skin tone. Thermage, like it or not, plastic is no substitute. Instead, he moved the operation for a few years (if you are going to do it at all).


What is the procedure? Radiofrequency emitted apparatus heated tissue and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. In addition, the collagen fibers are pulled those that already have. Understand the principle of the procedure will be easier if the collagen fibers present in the form of springs. With age, the springs are stretched, and the skin, they should support, becomes loose and sags. Thermage tightens and springs helps to form a new one. This is a fairly complex process, and the effect does not appear immediately. Not only that, at first look it may even get worse. But then, within six months, the lifting effect will occur incrementally. Achievements are stored in one and a half to two years, after which all can be repeated.


Since the instant change for the better Thermage does not, immediately after the procedure, some of the ladies are disappointed. But after a few days or weeks of metamorphosis evident. Tightens facial contours, raised eyebrows, wrinkles disappear from the nose and chin. Skin becomes.

"Underwent surgery" of a person is no longer in vogue. The current trend - look natural and slightly younger than his age.

Following the procedure can be:

Remove wrinkles around the eyes, to cope with which could neither peeling nor mesotherapy;
Smooth nasolabial folds, pull up the cheeks, cheekbones and neck skin in the upper chest;
Get rid of the excess skin on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and legs, shoulders and arms (conventional, by the way, the effects of the sharp weight loss or liposuction)
Reduce the amount of a couple of inches and smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Some claim that after they have gone Thermage stretch marks, spider veins and age spots, pores narrowed.


Thermage is expensive - and in many ways, because every time an individual nozzle is used on the machine. It is calculated for a certain number of pulses and a microprocessor, which controls the intensity, time, depth and uniformity of feedback and the amount of sprayed coolant.

But radio waves are different patients in different ways, therefore the range of effectiveness of the procedure is great - from "just freshened up" to "you do not know". Second, there are people (about 10%), which are not sensitive to thermal stimulation. As to the missing stretch marks and asterisks, it is, rather, an individual response than the usual practice.

Actually, you should be aware that the Thermage - not an alternative to plastic surgery. It occupies a niche, which until recently remained free: between beauty treatments and surgical operations. This method is suitable for women who creams do not help, and even resort to plastic like early. If the "translate" this age, the most noticeable result it gives in 35-45 years when our fibroblasts are still able to respond to this kind of stimulation.

There are contraindications - systemic diseases (scleroderma, lupus, etc.), diabetes, and pregnancy. Thermage will not do for those who have metal implants, a pacemaker or defibrillator. In addition, Thermage can not do if you increase the lips or get rid of wrinkles with fillers, which are used in plastics for the correction of age-related changes. Warming, they change their structure, and this may have unintended consequences.

On Thermage need to be booked in advance - it will take time to prepare, because most clinics orders nozzle apparatus specifically "the client", depending on the individual characteristics of the skin and those areas that need to handle.

Actually session takes about 20 minutes (only the eyes) to 1.5 - 2:00 (abdomen). The patient lies down on the couch, the doctor treats the skin with alcohol, makes the layout to determine the impact area, and smears gel, which provides a contact. The next step - determining the sensitivity (the impact force can be adjusted). Ideally, there should not be very painful, but uncomfortable tingling - like you do at the same time a dozen small injections - should be. To do this, beautician conducts tests - feeds multiple pulses and asks the client to describe their feelings. However, the apparatus in the cryogen cools the skin, thereby reducing discomfort. There are no restrictions after the fact - it is possible to live a normal life without diets, special cosmetics and sun umbrella. Sometimes the skin reddens and swells slightly, but the next day everything comes back to normal.


This procedure is ideally combined with Botox injections (Botox - for the upper part of the face, Thermage - the lower face and neck) and fibroblasts (for further stimulate the production of collagen)