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The age-old women's desire for beauty and eternal youth today is responsible peeling. This method allows you to throw off the old skin, and with it, get rid of the annoying drawbacks: wrinkles and age spots.


Some methods of peeling can be used at home, while others require a professional approach of cosmetologists in specially designated hospitals.

For home remedies include:

Lissin (biological peeling) - based on protein and plant products that are part of the soft creams;
Hommage (vegetable peels) - thick cream containing herbal ingredients. With regular use, eliminating the need for a deep cleansing facial and delay time for the use of more powerful tools;
Exfoliative creams (cosmetic peeling). They contain as abrasives crushed grape seeds or peach.

These peels are good ways to prevent wrinkles and regenerate new skin cells.


Cabin peeling to classify this:

A very superficial - it is used to remove dead skin cells. It is recommended for the treatment of dry, rough and coarse skin that has lost tone and brightness;
Superficial peeling - for partial or complete withering away of the epidermis. It is used to treat freckles, age spots and wrinkles;
Middle peeling - provoking death of the first (papillary) layer of the epidermis. The destruction it can get rid of senile pigmentation and wrinkles;
Deep exfoliation - removes the first (papillary) and second (net) layer of the dermis. As a result of old age and fade facial wrinkles and even scars.


Peeling, containing some acid (fruit, chloroacetate, glycolic and others), is the chemical and is used to treat acne, age spots, wrinkles, dry skin, and for the prevention of aging. This is a painless procedure. Calibration is done outpatient. Chemical peels, as well as deep, it is not recommended to do in the summer in order to avoid the appearance of age spots.

Phenol peels - using phenol, enclosed in a special envelope (liposome), which mitigates the impact of the reagent and eliminates the need for anesthesia (only need anesthesia). Little by little further out of the liposomes, phenol evenly on the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers. Gently without causing complications, it eliminates wrinkles, simulates the shape of the face, neck and tightens the skin of the eyelids. However, the procedure is dangerous for patients with a tendency to form keloid scars.


To get the best results and to avoid possible complications to peel you need to prepare in advance. In the weeks before the procedure should use cosmetics with fruit acids, retinol and ascorbic acid. Beauty products are selected individually depending on the type of aesthetic problems and peeling.


Ultrasonic peeling - is based on the mechanical effect of ultrasound in which weakens the link between the cells of the stratum corneum and are sloughed off. The procedure is simple and comfortable. Ultrasound is applied to the skin via the contact medium (gel, water) with a special blade.

Laser resurfacing - it is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia followed by the patient's stay in hospital. Laser penetrates the cells and evaporates moisture. The cells are killed, and the skin starts to peel off. The laser operates superficial, middle and deep peeling.

Brashing and dermabrasion - mechanical cleansing fine abrasive powder significantly improves the elasticity of the skin.
Device for brushing - an electric device with rotating brushes or sponges, which turn at different speeds, allowing you to approach each part of the skin selectively. Women with delicate and sensitive skin, with vascular mesh mechanical means undesirable.

Dermabrasion can be attributed to surgery.

The unit is supplied under pressure to the skin of an abrasive crystals which remove the surface layer of the skin to the "bloody dew". The procedure is performed only in a hospital, requiring a comprehensive examination of the patient.

Incentive procedures can exacerbate skin disease - inflammation and damage, tumors expressed vessels (rosacea), hirsutism (excessive body hair), the tendency to the appearance of keloid scars. It is impossible to carry out a chemical peel for allergies to drugs that it contained. With increased sensitivity of the skin is not recommended chemical peels, dermabrasion but you can do.