Miliaria is associated with intense sweating, heat rash occurs most often in infants and obese people, especially whites. The medical term used to describe this condition, miliaria rubra, literally means “millet fever with a rash”. This term refers to multiple small, red itchy point, covering a moderately inflamed area of skin. Miliaria leads to the appearance of clear, shiny bubbles filled with fluid, which usually do dry quickly without any treatment.

The reasons for miliaria

The main driver of miliaria are non-evaporated perspiration. This results in impregnation of the skin and its moisture unhealthy state. However, the mechanism of miliaria is still a mystery.

Among the external factors are the main hot weather and too warm to wear. Drinking alcohol leads to increased and rash .

Symptoms of miliaria

– Mild inflammation in the affected area of skin
– Very small, small red nodules that cause a feeling taunt skin irritation;
– The most affected areas of the body where sweat accumulates mainly lower back, upper body, armpits, elbow bends;
– The ability to fall asleep alone in a cool place (when the itching decreases). Lack of sleep combined with great soreness rash makes patients, especially infants, restless.

What you can do?

Most take a cold shower and wash affected skin with a sponge to relieve itching.

Do not use soap (buy a soft shower gel). Apply lotions or powders with antipruritic effect to further reduce discomfort.

If it is possible, as often as possible during the day against miliaria powder apply on the affected skin. Powder removes excess moisture from the skin and thereby reduces the appearance of miliaria.

Wear only clean, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics (promotes evaporation of sweat).

What can a doctor?

Doctor will prescribe medications, including appropriate hygiene products and creams to prevent or stop the development of a secondary infection (infection in the result of combing elements prosovidnye rash).

If sweating is due to high temperatures, prescribe antipyretics.

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