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Even the best creams are effective only on the skin surface. Reach the deep layer and rejuvenate at the cellular level enable the injection of beauty - Mesotherapy.


With the help of injections administered small doses of drugs to a depth of 1.5 to 6 mm in the problem areas on the face or the body of the patient. Injections make a syringe or by mesotherapy injectors ("guns" with several syringes). The first method is more efficient because when the "gun" part of the beauty cocktail is poured, not reaching the goal.

To mesotherapy used as separate preparations and individually selected mixture of drugs, which include collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, homeopathic and phytoextracts and biologics based animal embryonic tissues.

Mesotherapy slows down the aging process, get rid of wrinkles, cellulite, spider veins and age spots. In addition, with the help of mesotherapy can treat acne, alopecia (hair loss), stretch marks and scars, as well as to carry out non-surgical eyelid and facial contours.

Typically, mesotherapy is prescribed 2 courses of 10-12 procedures per year (1-2 per week). Supporting course - one procedure per month.


For women who are afraid of the pain as the fire and would not want to risk the appearance of facial bruising and redness, there is an alternative method - the needle-free mesotherapy. Drugs administered by means of a special nozzle under gas pressure. It is believed that this procedure enriches the skin with oxygen, has an antiseptic effect and is suitable for irritated and damaged tissue.


The main security conditions "beauty shots" - aseptic and disposable syringes. But there are other important points. For example, inexperienced physician can lead to the fact that traces remain on the skin from the injections, and smaller incisions. In case of incorrect handling of the skin, administration of the drug to a greater depth or overdose can cause death (necrosis) of tissues. Too many components of the "cocktail" is also desirable because it is difficult to predict how they will interact with each other. And we must be sure that the drugs are administered will not cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

It is easier to carry mesotherapy helps cryo-anesthesia with liquid nitrogen.

To eliminate the possibility of allergies before mesotherapy must-carry allergy tests. Despite the fact that some contraindications for mesotherapy - pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergic to some skin diseases and coagulation disorders, use of certain drugs can cause exacerbation of existing illnesses. For example, Bile funds that are part of some anti-cellulite cocktails, may exacerbate gallstone disease.

Mesotherapy not be called pleasant procedure, that's why it is not recommended during menstruation, when the pain threshold lowered. Alas, creams for topical anesthesia is not always effective, and to use anesthesia during the injection session is undesirable: it is fraught with unpredictable chemical reaction between components of drugs.


To reduce the risk of bruising after the procedure, just before the injections need to take vitamins C, A and E, and a day before the session - to refuse aspirin.