Remove from sight unwanted vegetation is not easy. Shaving, plucking, and bioepilyatsiya (with sugar syrup, resin or wax) bring desired, but, alas, short-term effect. It deletes only the visible part of the hair, and the hair follicle remains intact. Remove hair permanently help electric or light (photo-and laser) hair removal. But let us all methods of hair removal more.

Home treatments

Regular tweezers work leads to the fact that thin hairs, hardened constant stimulation, become hard, “wire”, tenacious and strong, battling with them then it is very hard.
On the second day after shaving begins to break through the rough “hedgehog”. Another drawback – the inevitable irritation of the skin, especially sensitive. Irritation and allergic reactions – the usual satellite chemical depilatory creams.
Hair removal with a manual vibrating epilator procedure is quite painful, but a week or two smooth legs provided.
The most common method of bioepilation – waxy. Use wax and resin in the home, of course, is not forbidden. Pharmacies sell special strips that bear a special adhesive composition. The strips are glued to the skin, and then abruptly torn off from it. However, the procedure can not be repeated in the coming days.
Sugaring – hair removal means based on the sugar or honey. Because of the painful procedures to remove hair in this way is possible only on the hands and feet.

Shaggy inheritance

Even the best and most modern methods of hair removal is able to eliminate the reason for the excess hair appeared. Women have “increased shaggy” may be predetermined by hereditary factors or some diseases of the endocrine system (cystic ovaries, thyroid disorders, pituitary or adrenal glands). Therefore, the problem should be solved not only cosmetic techniques, and comprehensively, in collaboration with an endocrinologist or Gynecological Endocrinologist.

Salon procedures

Electrolysis destroys the hair follicles weak discharge of electrical current passing through a thin needle that is inserted in the place where unwanted hair grows. This is a very efficient method suitable even for very light or gray hair. You can not use this method in the bikini, breasts (especially mastitis), and armpits.

Before electrolysis, the client should make sure that the used needles – Disposable.

Security electrolysis depends on the degree of professionalism of the medical worker who conducts it. At fault in carrying out the procedure, it may be ineffective, and at worst – threatens the appearance of scars on the skin, pigmentation disorders.

IPL is performed using a high-energy flash lamp.
Laser hair removal affects the light beam on the reproductive system of hair. Instantly heat up and destroy the cells that contain a large amount of pigment melanin. These cells are just the hair follicles. Laser hair removal – an effective, virtually painless and fairly quick procedure. When pursuing it excluded complications such as ingrown hair follicle and inflammation.

However, not so long ago had laser hair removal are many restrictions. The previous settings used 5 or more years ago, could guarantee a satisfactory result only to owners of light skin and dark thin hair. And to remove the light, gray or very stiff vegetation (especially on dark or tanned skin), they did not fit. Then epilation looked more advanced method, for it could be used for the skin and hair of any color (not only very bright and gray).

But a few years ago it was the newest laser system that combines the positive properties of both laser and hair removal. Laser sustained discrete pulse selectively affect only the hair follicle and the hair itself, without affecting the skin. Thanks to this machine laser hair removal can now be performed at any time of the year – even in the hot summer. Thin light gray hair and fluff also subject to enhanced exposure of the laser. In addition, the device can be used anywhere on the body and face. Laser hair removal has become absolutely painless and more effective.

That they grew…

Need to limit the time to stay in the sun and in tanning;
Do not abuse the nutritional cosmetics and creams that contain a lot of vitamins, especially A, E,
It is necessary to consult a doctor before taking hormone-containing medicines, creams, ointments, oral contraceptives.

Why is hard to destroy them?

The fact that the hair growth cycle has three phases. In one phase is not visible, and its location can not be detected in a different phase it easily falls, but beneath already growing new. Human hair at a time are in different phases, can destroy only the visible, are in the active growth phase. It is therefore completely get rid of unwanted hair epilation any of the methods requires at least three complete cycles of treatments. This typically requires 1.5 years.

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