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Furuncles - it's painful, inflamed, pus-filled cavity in the skin. The size of the furuncle may be from pea to walnut. Although furuncles can occur anywhere on the body, most often they occur in areas where there is hair growth and where there is friction, for example: neck, armpits, groin, face, chest, buttocks, and so on

Carbuncles is especially large furuncles or more adjacent furuncles, which are usually deeper and more painful. If you suspect a carbuncle sure to check with your doctor, because inflammation may enter the bloodstream, and then you may need antibiotics.

Causes of furuncles

Furuncles occur when bacteria penetrate into the hair follicle. Skin tissue swells and a red, pus-filled, painful swelling. While not furuncle will reveal and is emptied (it contains pus will come), furuncle it hurts, and it will be unpleasant to touch.


When first appeared furuncle small size, accompanied by soreness, redness, swelling and itching you can try to deal with the problem yourself.


- The spread of furuncles on other body parts
- Septicemia (blood poisoning).

What you can do?

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching the furuncles and after contact with furuncles (whether with festering sores or head).

Gently applied to the affected area antibacterial 3-4 times a day. Apply a warm compress for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day to relieve pain and speed up the ripening of pimple. Then, close the furuncle with a thick layer of gauze bandage and keep dry. In no case do not scratch and do not pick the furuncle, do not squeeze or break the furuncle yourself, as it may spread the infection. When he opened the furuncle, carefully remove the pus, then carefully treat this place with hydrogen peroxide. Then apply a dry dressing. Repeat the procedure every day until healing is complete. Take pain medication to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Do not use OTC products (creams, ointments) containing antibiotics without consulting a doctor. Never attempt to open the furuncle yourself without a doctor's permission.
Wash your hands before preparing food, as of bacteria can cause infection of the furuncle food. Diabetics when a furuncle, immediately consult a doctor.

What can a doctor do to treat furuncles?

Your doctor may discover the furuncle, making a small incision surgical blade, so that the pus can come out, remove the pus and impose a dry bandage. If necessary, write down the appropriate antibiotics (including and ointments). If you often furuncles (furunculosis) appoint analyzes (including to make sure that you do not have diabetes).

Preventative measures

Take a bath or shower at least once a day. Do not scratch the itchy spot on the skin, as it can provoke getting an infection in the damaged area.

Apply an antiseptic lotion to avoid getting infections.