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Fillers - are materials that beauticians used to fill wrinkles, lip augmentation, and creation of fabrics.

The traces of time

These "beauty shots" a great many fans: impresses with instant results. However, even the most dedicated fans of cosmetic clinics are unlikely to be much different from a synthetic implant on the drug of natural origin. Meanwhile, the difference is very significant.

Natural products

Natural gels - Restylane, Perlane, Matridur, Matrigel, Juvederm - a few months later absorbed and excreted from the body, whereas synthetic "stuck" for many years or even a lifetime.

Injections Restylane and Perlane Swedish are the most popular. At their base - hyaluronic acid, our skin is 60% of it is. Thus it is easy to take away wrinkles nose, corners of the mouth and chin, lips and cheekbones model, improve facial contours.

Dignity. The effect persists 6-14 months. And with repeated injections can last longer. To strengthen it, beauticians sometimes combined with injections of Restylane injections of botulinum toxin.

Disadvantages. Implants are naturally occurring quickly dissipate. However, this lack of beauticians recorded in dignity: temporary - the safest. The conventional disadvantage of these gels can be considered that by repeating the procedure used is preferably the same product.

Condemned to eternal youth

Of course, modern artificial fillers are much better than the ones produced in the 80s of the last century. But despite this, the majority of them have not yet passed the test of time (Farmakril, Interfal, Kosmogel, Artekol, Dermalife). Many experts believe that these corrective gels, to put it mildly, are not harmless to health, since lie under the skin, as a foreign body. The human body fights back, how can: satisfied with the inflammatory response, sepsis, and "rides" on the face of the implant so as soon as he, body, pleased. Bearing in mind the eternal enmity of the natural with a foreign, if necessary, re correction doctors inject new synthetic drug on top of the old one. And each time the patient discharged reminder of where, when and what kind of gel was used during cosmetic procedures.

Dignity. Artekol or polyacrylamide gel for 3-5 years can forget about wrinkles. Biopolymer gel from the fourth-generation silicone dissipates more slowly (over 20 years, the body displays only 5% of the drug). This gel will serve the person until the end of his life.

Disadvantages. Polyacrylamide gels and silicones are banned in many European countries, because they can cause complications even after 5-15 years after the introduction. These drugs are due to incompatibility categorically can not be combined with natural.