Corns – an area of hardened, chapped skin, which was formed as a result of continuous or repeated friction and pressure, most often on the hands and feet. These lesions are harmless and usually painless.

Corns skin is yellowish education, usually at the tips of the toes, where they are most strongly rub against the shoe. If the friction continues, corn may become red, inflamed and begin to cause pain. Corns are usually held as a result of self-medication, and do not deliver much trouble.

The cause of corns

Constant friction associated with new or uncomfortable shoes, frequent walking barefoot, hard manual labor, the constant wearing of heavy objects, etc.


Corn is an area with thick, dense layers of dead skin. In some cases, it may be painful. Usually, the pain occurs by direct pressure on the corn. In such cases, you can try to deal with the problem yourself.

With the ever-recurring or do not pass as a result of self-medication blisters should see a doctor.

What you can do?

Label bath of warm water and salts for legs or arms for 15 minutes. Then gently pat dry and apply moisturizer. Use a clean nail file or pumice stone, in order to make the surface more smooth calluses. Repeat this every day until the corn will not work. Never attempt to cut or shave the corn, it can lead to inflammation or cause a scar. Buy a special orthopedic pillows in the Fore donut, not impregnated any medicines. By placing corn in the hole of the “donut”, you can ease the pain and pressure on corn. Be careful with the pads impregnated with drugs. They can cause skin irritation, especially in people with diabetes or circulatory problems. Some pads contain salicylic acid, which removes dead skin cells. This can help get rid of callosities. If all else fails, and the corn is left in place, consult a dermatologist or podiatrist. The specialist will be able to speed up the healing process.

Prevention of corns

Wear comfortable, the right size shoes, wide enough in the toe area. Avoid wearing shoes with high heels and pointed toes.
If you carry heavy objects or tools, wear gloves. Take small breaks during the manual labor.

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