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Caring for Mature Skin

Mature commonly referred to as the skin in women aged 35-45 years. In this age the skin starts to decrease production of collagen - a special protein responsible for its elasticity. The skin becomes dry and dull, and shows the shallow and deep wrinkles. Particularly rapid areas around the eyes and mouth, where the skin is thin and delicate, and neck. Even normal skin, is never delivered to the problems of their happy owner after 35 years begins to require special care.

However, if the time to start taking care of your skin, you can permanently delay the aging process and maintain radiant, healthy complexion, clearly defined oval.

The problems of mature skin

After 35 years of slow pace of the sebaceous glands, so the skin becomes drier. Decreased production of collagen, so the skin gradually begins to lose elasticity and moisture, there are small wrinkles. Several worsens blood flow to the skin, which is why it seems less rosy and elastic. Finally, decreased production of new cells, slowing the process of regeneration, the skin begins to age. Many women have dark spots.

Do not forget that the skin at any age, and especially in the mature is a mirror of human health. After 35 years of great importance for the appearance of the skin of factors such as diet, sleep, rest, and psychological state of the person.

Some common problems


Beginning at age 35, women should quit smoking (if they smoke). The skin of smokers is aging much faster. This effect is due to several factors: nicotine constricts blood vessels, and hence worse skin blood supply and therefore nutrients. Hence, lethargy and gray skin color. In addition, nicotine promotes the release of free radicals.

If you can not quite quit smoking, limit up to five cigarettes a day. Do this not only for the youth of the skin, but also for overall health. Also, remember that smokers need more vitamin C from time to time take a course of this vitamin.

Exposure to sunlight

Exposure to the sun accelerates the aging process of the skin. Ultraviolet rays penetrate deep into the skin, destroying the important components of cells, dried collagen and elastic fibers. As a result, the skin becomes dry and her wrinkles and liver spots.

Do not go out in the sun without sunscreen. And out of that house in the sun, use such creams in both summer and winter. Creams, sun screens, are of great importance especially for mature skin, as they reflect UV rays and prevent unsightly pigmentation (so-called age) spots.

Lack of motion

Some women after 40 years in sports in the fresh air. It is a pity, because this is a great way to maintain health and beauty. With age, deteriorating natural metabolism. Skin insufficiently supplied with nutrients. As a result, it becomes more sluggish and prone to wrinkles. Working out in the fresh air, you saturate the body with oxygen, improve blood circulation and help your skin stay longer supple and young.

Experts recommend active in the fresh air three hours a week for at least half an hour. It is best to do aerobics and similar sports governing more intensive supply of oxygen. For women over forty can advise biking, cross-country skiing, swimming, gymnastics or just.

Disadvantage liquid

With age, the sense of thirst decreases. Therefore, women of mature age drink less than you need. Dermatologists warn: if the body is constantly receiving too little fluid, you are very much harm to the skin. In human skin, which weighs 65 kg, contains about seven liters of water. With a lack of fluid emptied water reserves in the skin, in those tissues that determine its elasticity. A consequence of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin laxity. Every day drink at least 1-1.5 liters of liquid. Ideal to be diluted with water, fruit juices, mineral water and green tea.
But do not drink a lot of water before going to bed it can cause swelling under the eyes and "swollen" mean in the morning.

Improper diet and lack of sleep

At the ripe age of gastronomic excesses and lack of sleep instantly become visible on your face. Sleep at least 7-8 hours every day, do not get fat. refined and sugary foods, even if you do not have a weight problem. But just eliminating fats from the diet is also incorrect - it can accelerate the aging process of the skin. Try to eat a balanced your diet should include proteins, carbohydrates and fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Perhaps there is a sense in the spring and fall to take multivitamins, fortified with calcium. A healthy diet helps to ensure a skin nutrients it needs to repair damage caused by the sun and other elements of the environment.

Skin Care Basics

Mature skin lacks both oil and water. Therefore, when using cleaning agents pay attention to the fact that they are not "pulled out" of the skin or fat or moisture. Refuse soaps, including gel and synthesized. Use a cleansing milk. It contains fat and moisture are absorbed into the skin, nourish and moisturize it. Remove milk residues from the skin with a dry cloth cosmetic, do not rinse. After cleansing milk to moisten the skin can be a mild alcohol-free tonic to make the skin fresh. Do not wash your face with hot water, avoid changing the contrast of hot and cold water, because it can lead to the appearance of rosacea (spider veins). Can be used instead of thermal tonic water, which is produced firm relating to the so-called "pharmaceutical" or medical cosmetics. It is particularly well suited for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Today huge selection of cosmetics: from mass-market brands to class "luxury" for every taste and budget. Finding your way in the world of cosmetics and make the right decision can help you, apart from the method of trial and error, as dermatologists and cosmetologists. If you have sensitive skin, popular tools that are sold in grocery stores, can cause allergies. Buy small amounts of sample, so you do not regret the money spent.

In any case, choose a cream specifically designed for mature skin. Often it is labeled anti-age. Many companies produce cream for morning and evening use. Day cream has a light structure and is suitable as a base for make-up, and also includes a sunscreen, a night more dense and nutritious. One of today's popular ingredient is hyaluronic acid.

The main feature of anti-aging cosmetics are the active ingredients in its composition: vitamin and antioxidant complex, collagen, and other fruit acids, retinol, peptides. For intensive moisturizing and maintaining its moisture ceramides used.

Do not forget to apply your face cream on the neck and decollete area. They are also prone to aging and wrinkles.
For mature skin needs special care for the thin skin around the eyes, which often appear fine lines, "crow's feet". Good cream, gel or serum slow down the appearance of wrinkles and help against the circles and bags under the eyes.

Special care products

Cosmetics in ampoules

Mature skin is particularly sensitive to trouble, stress and insomnia. From them, it becomes dry, covered with a network of fine lines and sometimes looks downright flabby. For these extreme periods are commercially available cosmetic ampoules with highly concentrated active ingredients. Very effective vials containing bio hyaluronic acid substance that promotes the accumulation of moisture in the skin. The liquid from the ampoule is applied after cleansing and gently rubbed. Please note that it is quite a few drops. After that, the usual smear skin nourishing cream.

Vitamin creams

The mature skin needs to be abundantly supplied with nutrients. They make a nice layer of the epidermis, smooth and elastic, increase the skin's resistance to the negative effects of the environment. Ideal reducing vitamin creams, lighter for the day and a little more fat for the night. They stimulate metabolism and cell renewal, skin and make elastic and fresh. These creams are applied after cleansing and gentle movements rubbed into the skin.

Massage cream

Massage the face with a cream is an additional and very effective way to care for the skin, which you have to take every week for ten minutes. Particularly effective are creams containing granules with vitamin E. They gently "rolled" on the skin, stimulating blood circulation and acting as a mild exfoliation. After about three minutes of massage granules begin to slowly dissolve. Their active ingredients are absorbed into the skin and stimulate the formation of new cells. Apply these creams should be after cleansing the face. Be sure to cover the face of a millimeter layer of cream on which fingers could well slip. Massage the skin of the face is always the center to the periphery, increasing in diameter circular motion, that is, from the nose and chin, the cheeks, the center of the forehead to the temples. The massage should last about 3-5 minutes.