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Congestive Heart Failure


Cardiac insufficiency is a condition in which the heart for some reason loses the ability to provide the body with the necessary amount of blood, ie, to perform its primary, the pump, the function.

Unfortunately, congestive heart failure is quite common, especially among the elderly. This disease is diagnosed in 3-5% of people over 65 and one in ten over 70 years. Heart failure is more common in women.


The cause of heart failure may be a variety of diseases of the heart, including ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, or postinfarction changes. At the same time the myocardium is unable to develop due efforts to expel blood from the left ventricle. It may be a different situation: when the myocardium initially healthy, but there are obstacles in the path of the ejected blood the heart, such as narrowing of the large blood vessels, hypertension, valvular heart disease, etc. In all these cases the expulsion of blood from the left ventricle is difficult, which leads to increased stress on the myocardium. To cope with the increased load, the heart muscle hypertrophy (increase in volume, thickens), begins to beat faster and for a while supports normal blood circulation. Then compensatory potential myocardial depleted, it develops irreversible changes in replacement of muscle cells by connective tissue, which is not able to contract. It was at this point begins to develop the clinical picture of congestive heart failure.


- Shortness of breath on exertion, or (in advanced cases) at rest
- Heart palpitations;
- Pale or bluish tinge to the skin, especially in the remote areas of the body from the heart (fingers, toes, lips)
- Edema (in the first place - feet)
- Pain in the right upper quadrant, overflows veins liver
- Fatigue.

What you can do?

Congestive heart failure usually develops slowly, many people consider it to be a manifestation of the aging of the organism. In such cases, patients often until the last moment pull an address to the cardiologist. Of course, it complicates and prolongs the healing process. Treatment of heart failure is complex, and includes medication and recommendations for lifestyle (diet, exercise). Usually the doctor prescribes is not one drug but several. It is important to keep all doctor's advice, commit health. Depending on the patient's physician adjusts the destination. Therefore, patients with this disease so it is important to see your doctor regularly.

What can a doctor?

The diagnosis of chronic heart failure can put a doctor on the basis of a conversation with a patient survey and additional methods of examination. You may decide to conduct an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, X-ray of the chest and abdomen, clinical and biochemical analysis of blood, urine.

The most important condition for the successful treatment of heart failure is the correct diagnosis of the underlying disease that led to the failure, and corresponding to its treatment.

In the treatment of heart failure itself important to reduce the workload on the heart and to increase its contractility. Plays an important role reduction exercise and a diet with restriction of salt.

Only a doctor can prescribe competent treatment. Long-term therapy of heart failure, sometimes for life.