What is the association you have a bike? Summer in the country – to answer the average citizen, the Tour de France – smile sports fan veloergometry – breathe for a couple cardiologist and core.

If a doctor has directed you to rotate the pedal – do not be alarmed. It is not necessary that you automatically get to the rank of seriously ill. Rather, it means that you are “leads” competent cardiologist.

The essence veloergometry – to investigate the reaction of the heart to exercise, find out whether enough blood and oxygen to the heart, where it works particularly active. During veloergometry is recorded electrocardiogram, blood pressure, pulse rate, and such a diagnosis can tell you very much.

Where are we going?

If a person has long suffered angina veloergometry fix this fact, and on the resulting ECG can tell which struck the heart arteries, and thus build further treatment strategy. Such a diagnosis often helps to identify the so-called silent myocardial ischemia, when the heart is not at all concerned, and the problem is only visible on the ECG.

Veloergometry making timely and adequate treatment will significantly reduce the risk of angina and heart attack.

There is a third option – when the heart aches sometimes, but at the time of the study, even at maximum load of any changes on the ECG is not fixed. Then it is a false angina, and need not treat the heart and spinal osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia or other disease.

And if the pawn?

To pass stress test does not necessarily pedaling. For those who are obese or joint diseases, physicians have developed an alternative – a treadmill. In fact, this is the usual treadmill. Walking pace and resistance to her paintings gradually increased, to achieve the same load as a stationary bike. Incidentally, the treadmill is most prevalent in the United States precisely because the bikes do not stand overweight Americans, moreover, many of them have never rode a bike.

In addition to the cores with the experience, for which this study is accustomed to, it is recommended to pass stress test:

– People regularly experiencing pain in the heart, while they show no abnormalities on the electrocardiogram;
– Those who on the contrary, there is no pain in the heart, but the electrocardiogram shows a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle;
– People with high levels of cholesterol in the blood
– Those who because of the hard work of an increased risk of coronary heart disease (drivers, pilots, divers, etc.)
– After 40 years – anyone who has a bad cardiovascular genetics (father or mother suffered from ischemic heart disease, had a heart attack).

5 questions about the cycle ergometer

How to prepare for veloergometry?

During the day, you need to stop taking certain medications (beta-blockers, nitrates – more on the drugs are stopped to tell the attending physician). 3 hours prior to veloergometry should not eat or drink. Do not make veloergometry after heavy physical exertion, emotional experiences. Bring a comfortable tracksuit and sneakers. Men with severe scalp will have to shave off his chest hair, otherwise it will be poor contact between electrodes and skin.

How is the study veloergometry?

You pedal or step off the treadmill, the instrument continuously records the basic parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen saturation). A few minutes later the doctor increases the level of stress (increased resistance of the pedals or web treadmill) and monitors the overall health: when a heart pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure research veloergometry be stopped.

How to obtain a result?

As a result of veloergometry given conclusion, but not the diagnosis and recommendations. Now your way – your doctor. It is important to realize that, despite the high information veloergometry only cardiologist can correctly interpret the results and determine the further tactics.

Do I need a stress test healthy person?

Yes, veloergometry should go to all people older than 30 years, beginning to engage in fitness. At least in order to determine the optimal physical activity, and, of course, the time to identify possible hidden heart disease.

Which is better – an ergometer or treadmill?

And then, and more – only the tools to create the load. The accuracy of the same. So the choice guided by the individual characteristics and health status. It is clear that the man, who suffered a leg injury on a stationary bike to work hard, it is more appropriate treadmill. But at what explore professional cyclist, probably will not have to worry.

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