This method – a dream come true of doctors and patients. Doctors have always dreamed to look inside the body without piercing and cutting it, patients want to make it not hurt and scared.


Creating the U.S., scientists have applied the principle that is used dolphins, guided underwater. Waves emitted by them, piercing the water column, and are reflected from objects, going back to the dolphin, give accurate information about what’s around. Also works ultrasound machine. A sensor that doctor’s hand presses the patient’s skin, emits ultrasonic beams and receives backscattered. The computer processes the data and displays the image of the body as if to cut. Denser tissue (bones, stones in the gallbladder) – white liquid (blood, urine) – black, and in the middle are many shades of gray that are the building of internal organs.


No. Ultrasonic waves have nothing to do with X-ray. More than 30 years of using ultrasound in the world are no reported cases of complications after him.


U.S. give information about the state of the liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, intestine. Waves available and the pelvic cavity, so in urology and gynecology ultrasound can not do without. Rays see through the thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as the size of the heart chambers and the condition of the heart muscle.

With 4-5 weeks of pregnancy through ultrasound appears the only way to see how a baby develops in the womb (X-rays and a CT scan at this time can not be done). And when the baby is born, neurosonography – kind of ultrasound, in which the sensor is applied to the fontanel baby – will determine not whether the increased intracranial pressure, in order to structure the brain.


The results of other tests, particularly radiographs and CT images. Them into account, the doctor will be able to more accurately describe what he sees on the screen. Very well, if preserved the findings of previous ultrasound.


As with any other type of research, it does not give 100% of the information. So always designate several types of surveys and analyzes. Putting together these results, the attending physician can make an accurate diagnosis.


If you will examine the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space, two days before the procedure, exclude from the diet foods that cause bloating: black bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, canned food, soft drinks and juices. Take the milk and vegetable diet, replacing fried food cooked. To reduce the gassing a day before the U.S. drink activated charcoal, pounded in a small amount of water: dose of 2 tablets 5 times a day, a child of 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day.

Eve dine no later than 20 hours, and in the day of the survey do not have breakfast. In the morning, do not drink, no matter how desirable, do not brush your teeth, do not chew gum, do not rinse your mouth, do not take drugs inside: just enough to gut “wound up” and concealed the truth about the state of the internal organs. Check with your doctor whether you need to do before the enema.

If you see the pelvic organs will come on to study with a full bladder (do not urinate for 4 hours before the procedure). Children enough to suffer 2-3.5 hours.

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