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If the doctors set out to find out what the most intimate analysis, this would be exactly in the top three. And it's very necessary, although it is prescribed less frequently. So, the "what to tell tailed or renting spermogram".


"Why would I do doctor?" - Exclaims the average man referred for spermogram. "And as I'll pass?"-Twirl in the head is much more important question. And be sure to come the idea that since I get here, just live in the body is heavy, incurable disease.

In fact, spermogram - just a test male fertility, that is, the ability to fertilize. Infertility no one has died, and in the words of one of my friends venereal diseases: "It is curable!" Of course, early diagnosis and identification of the underlying cause - for example, infection or hormonal disorders.

Problem doctor - the right to determine the indications for delivery of analysis and correctly interpret the results. The patient has - the right to study and prepare for the right to collect "stuff".

When appointed spermogram?

First of all, if unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child. If you suspect a hormonal disorders must first be tested for the content of sex hormones (FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin), followed by spermogram. Preparing for IVF - IVF or ICSI also provides for the mandatory examination of ejaculate. In addition, we recommend to take spermogram men who have found inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system - prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis, orchitis.

How to prepare for the study?

Before any ejaculate recommended abstinence - at least 2 but not more than 7 days. At this time it is not recommended to drink alcohol, drugs, visit a bath or sauna.

If you get cold, and you have a fever, it is better to postpone the study until full recovery.

How is the delivery of analysis?

Ejaculate is collected in a sterile container. In many clinics that have separate rooms. As a technical support - often used recent issues of popular men's magazine.

Analysis of the need to take one or more times?

If you do not show any abnormality, re-delivery is required. If some indicators do not like your doctor, you may need to repeat the procedure in 1-2 weeks. When it comes to treating inflammatory or hormonal disease, repeated spermogram will help assess the effectiveness of treatment.

And what about performance is it?

The main indicator of semen is considered to be the number of spermatozoa in 1 ml of ejaculate. If they are less than 20 million, significantly reduced the probability of fertilization. But the increase in the number of sperm more than 120 million is not always useful - because they will just crush interfere with each other to reach the goal.

Impact and to determine how many live spermatozoa. If less than 50% - you need to sound the alarm. Sperm motility - also a very important indicator, it reflects the ability of the sperm to reach the egg quickly. Normally the active mobile should not be less than 60-70%.

The presence of white blood cells and a tendency to agglutination of sperm suggests inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.

There is a single rate for all male figures?

According to the WHO guidelines as a reference were made so-called reference values. They got to test a large number of healthy young men, whose partners to become pregnant within a year.

By the way, this does not mean that patients with the worst performance is no chance to conceive a child. A lot depends on the individual, so it makes no sense to take spermogram "prevention". It is important only when there are real problems with conception, or when inflammatory or hormonal disorders increases the risk of infertility.

Is the spermogram results for the diagnosis of male infertility?

If you suspect a hormonal disorders will need to donate blood for the content of sex hormones. Even with absolutely normal spermatozoa in 10% of cases the cause of infertility is the presence of sperm antibodies. More recently, this figure is included in the spermogram in many clinics. But in most cases, it allows semen to justify the diagnosis of male infertility and find out the cause.