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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging allows you to see your body in the finest cuts, that is actually gives three-dimensional image.

This is the pinnacle of modern diagnostic pyramid. It frequently happens that, having come to the survey about one disease, a person comes out with information about a number of other problems that can not be detected by other methods and means. However, according to WHO experts around the world this survey used enough.


MRI is highly desirable for suspected diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) disorders, spine, joints (especially the knees).

For the diagnosis of diseases of the brain and spine today increasingly adopting a CT scan, but the survey is not well seen surrounding soft tissue or 'see' what is actually there. So that the use of MRI in those cases avoids major diagnostic errors.
Patients with MRI does not receive radiation exposure - while scanning does not apply ionizing radiation and radiopharmaceuticals.

But on examination of the chest cavity and the abdominal organs (stomach, intestines) MRI is less effective than CT.


Specially prepared for this procedure is not necessary - except for the survey using a contrast agent. In this case, the doctor will give individual advice. But we must "lay" on MRI for at least half a day - the procedure usually lasts about an hour, but quite often there are unexpected delays and a specialist is difficult to accurately calculate the time for each patient.

Unfortunately, those who implanted pacemakers and electronic equipment (pumps for injecting drugs, defibrillators), MRI is absolutely contraindicated. If you have a large metal implants, it is necessary to alert the physician. Jewellery better off. Gold, however, is not ferromagnetic, but there were times when patients reported that their earrings are not gold, and in the best case, gold - with the results of MRI were reduced to zero.

Women before the examination is not necessary to use makeup! The fact that its structure is very often include metals, especially fashionable today glitter eyeshadow and mascara with a metallic sheen.

It should also tell your doctor about the pregnancy (at any stage) or the intrauterine device.


If the MRI was not carried out in the hospital and on a commercial basis, by the hand issue a written report and a copy of the laser film. This is a must! It is advisable to have presented and CD. Too bad if the person receives only the image on the paper. These prints are good only for scholarly monographs and demonstrations at conferences.


Going MRI scan, you'll first need to choose a specialized medical center. But as the location and cause of concern may not be the same, it is advisable to consult with your doctor the appropriate specialization. Its conclusion will greatly facilitate the work of a professional who will conduct a survey on the CT scanner and decrypt the data.

Choosing a medical center, a person has every right to ask about the type of scanner. They are low-field, mean-and high-field. The stronger the field, the higher the image quality, more accurate diagnosis and will have to spend less time in the CT scanner in the survey.

However, for a number of diseases low-field scanners is enough, especially since they are often open. This is very important when examining the kids, because in this case the mother may be with child.