What is it?

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) – a method of research in which the doctor examines the upper gastrointestinal tract: esophagus, stomach and duodenum.

Why do it?

So, the doctor referred to gastroscopy (to put on the scientific – esophagogastroduodenoscopy or EGD). The reason may be not only a pain in the stomach, but also heartburn, belching, discomfort in the stomach, sour or bitter taste in the morning… All of this – the typical symptoms of the so-called gastric distress. Mucous intended to protect the lining of the stomach from hydrochloric acid, by which the process of digestion, in a place not up to the task and, of course, becomes inflamed. A long-term or regular inflammation too often the cause of ulcers, erosions, atrophy.

Those who have been in the family sick stomach ulcer, chronic gastritis, gastric tumors, gastroscopy can offer, even if there are no complaints.

Sign of gastric distress may be ordinary… acne. Therefore, the direction of the gastroscopy patients often receive dermatologists.

How to find clinic?

Should go to where endoscopy was carried out with a video endoscope. In the vast majority of clinics Russian gastroscopy examination is the old model – fiberoptic (the very same: long, long, thick, thick, black-black). The doctor applies an eye to the eyepiece and watch the stomach, so to speak, personally.

Video endoscope – a fundamentally different technology. It sends the image digitally to the monitor. During the study, conducted the video, so that if necessary it can then look again, see a suspicious area under powerful magnification. CD or DVD of your gastroscopy can optionally show another specialist, after some time on the video can be traced to the state of your stomach dynamics.

Further, the diameter “hose” videoendoscope much less than the old apparatuses. There are models where it is thin as a thread.

How to prepare?

On gastroscopy go with an empty stomach. This means that the last time it is necessary to eat no later than 19.00 on the eve.

Do not drink alcohol the day before. Of the gag reflex is amplified many times. By the way, this reflex and no alcohol is very strong among the southerners (Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, the other Caucasian nations). They should ask for more sedation or take advantage of short-term lulling.

Hurts or not

Someone’s hair and can cause vomiting. Therefore, in today’s modern anesthesia is used gastroscopy: no local anesthetic and short-acting hypnotics. A man falls into a nap for an hour, and then finds out “news” – he underwent gastroscopy. This is not a metaphor: Many patients do not remember the procedure.

Of course, rely on this rule should not, and learning about the instrument, it is worth wondering kind of anesthesia. If you prefer to sleep through the procedure, keep in mind that after that slow down the rate of reaction – you can not get into the car until the next day.

Additional pluses

The distinctive feature of modern endoscopy – a doctor during the procedure can make rapid analysis Helycobacter Pylory (helicobacter pylori) – a microorganism guilty in most cases of gastritis, gastric erosions and ulcers. Pre-check with the hospital administrator, if they have such a service.

If rapid diagnosis is not carried out, be sure to ask: whether it is conducted in the facility analysis on Helicobacter? If not, the reputation of the clinic in question.

A very serious approach to the selection of medical institutions is necessary, if there is the slightest suspicion of a tumor. It should be asked whether a biopsy (the study of the gastric mucosa slices under a microscope) and additional diagnostic procedures, such as chromogastroscopy. This guarantees accurate diagnosis.

Is it safe?

It should clarify how much of endoscopes available at the clinic. Current standards are very strict sterilization: machining, in special soaking solutions, alcohol treatment… It takes 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, a good clinic in the work is always some endoscopes: until one works, the other sterilized. This allows you to avoid the queue of hungry evil people without the risk of infecting Helicobacter or hepatitis.

If a gastroscope, then to avoid even a hypothetical risk, it is necessary to closely monitor the queue. If the call to the patient followed five minutes after the previous case, literally, filthy.
The simplest and most reliable advice: If you are in the clinic for the first time and you do not know her reputation, sign up for all of the first three patients. A better first.


Gastroscopy is becoming a wearisome procedure as ultrasound or measurement of intraocular pressure. And the benefits of this can not be underestimated. Through the introduction of video endoscopy Japan became the country with the highest detection rate of tumors of the stomach – and, thus, with the highest percentage of treatment from them. So enough time in a year or two to sleep on the couch for an hour endoscopist to ensure: even if the problem happens, it does not have time to be fatal.

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