Most modern diagnostic techniques aimed at identifying existing diseases. Electroacupuncture by Voll pretends to catch the disease before it occurs and to take preventive measures.

The basis of the method developed in the middle of the XX century, a German dentist Reinhold Voll, the principles and traditions of acupuncture. It uses modern high-technology computer controlled.

In our bodies are not only biochemical but also electromagnetic processes. The ancient Chinese believed that energy circulates between the organs, not chaotic, but by the numerous “roads” – meridians. They are located and active points – special places on the human body with the specific characteristics of electromagnetic.
It is believed that certain points are responsible for specific organs and systems of the body.

The method consists in measuring the foll weak resistance to an electric current in the active points. The increase in the electrical conductivity indicates an inflammatory process in the appropriate body (eg at the point of tonsils with angina), and its reduction – for chronic diseases (such as cirrhosis of the liver at the points of the body). Thus the doctor is quite simple and safe method to get a complete picture of health. And most importantly, identifies the disease at the earliest stage of development, even before she showed herself.

The effectiveness of the method Voll are debatable. In any case, we must remember that electroacupuncture – just one of the ways to diagnose, available in the arsenal of an experienced physician. This specialist will never diagnose without confirmation by other methods.


The procedure is extremely simple. The patient is given in one hand and a metal electrode simultaneously determine the state of points on the other hand by means of so-called probes. Check up to 100 points, after which the results obtained are selected individual treatment, as a rule, homeopathic remedies (individually selected drug and the dose). The doctor may also identify potential allergens and foods that should be avoided.

Because electroacupuncture by Voll – a safe method of diagnosis, it can be applied to older people, children, pregnant.


Big damage to the development of electroacupuncture in Russia caused the fashion for Voll method in the early 90s of the last century. Then, on the wave of popularity of this method is practiced by all and sundry, there were many centers, ostensibly training to work with this method. As a result, the method has been discredited by charlatans, and many have forgotten about him. Until now, you can find so called “experts Voll”, which in the subway or at the show in 15 minutes “will determine all your diseases”. This is unrealistic: normal reception is held in a specially designed cabinet and takes at least an hour. So if you want to be tested by the method of Foll, it is necessary to resort to specialized medical centers, staffed by professionals.

The cost of admission can range from 600 to 3,000 rubles, depending on experience and professional ambitions, as well as the reputation of the medical center. Remember that in addition to the cost of admission will have to spend money on drugs that will pick a doctor.


Initial reception it lasts 1-2 hours.
You are accepted in the office, the doctor works with special equipment.
The doctor closely acquainted with your existing results of previous surveys, takes them into account when making a diagnosis.
The doctor works with gloves on.
Before a session you are asked to remove rings, earrings and other jewelry.
The specialist does not make a definite diagnosis of a serious illness, aims at further tests.
You are shown a printout of test results and give a prescription treatment plan.
The doctor did not try on the spot to sell you expensive drugs, citing a “threat to life and health”.

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