Gastroscopy on everyone’s lips. But when a doctor prescribes a similar study – bronchoscopy, many frightened. How could breathe when the lungs will introduce a handset? It turns out that it’s not so scary, but very informative.

“What a good man to send a bronchoscopy?” – Frequently asked a pulmonologist or thoracic surgeon. Defend respected specialists: study of invasive (ie bronchoscope penetrates the human), and bronchoscopist work is not cheap, so without good reason bronchoscopy are not appointed.

The most frequent indications include:

– Hemoptysis;
– Shortness of breath, if there is no evidence of heart failure or asthma;
– Suspected lung tumor or chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

Single story – a study to find and neutralize foreign body inhaled.

Do bronchoscopists children gathered collections of buttons, badges, small toys, extracted from young patients bronchial tree.

During a bronchoscopy, your doctor may take a biopsy – a bronchoscope pliers to pinch off a small piece of the bronchial mucosa, which mortem department examined under a microscope. This will make the correct diagnosis in doubtful cases. No wonder the people say: best diagnostician – a pathologist. Sometimes bronchoscopy is used for therapeutic purposes – to introduce drugs or expand narrowed bronchi and install stents (dilators).


Many patients are concerned, they will breathe during the study.

To reduce discomfort in the throat and remove the gag reflex before the procedure mouth irrigate lidocaine. The diameter of the bronchoscope is much less of the bronchi, and suffocate in any case will not work. In addition, during the study, we recommend patients to breathe and often superficial, like a dog – it’s not just a distraction from the procedure, but also suppresses the gag reflex.

How to prepare for the study?

The night before, you can not have. Before sleep, take a pill sedation, emotional person may repeat the reception and in the morning, but it must be agreed with the doctor. In the morning before the study is better not to drink. If you have dentures, before bronchoscopy to remove them.

Do I need to be tested?

Yes, the analysis on the blood group and Rh factor, markers of viral hepatitis, syphilis and HIV, coagulation (blood clotting). Be sure to tell your doctor if you regularly take blood thinners.

Where and how the research?

The patient sits in a chair or lying on the couch. Before the doctor – a large monitor on which the image is transferred your airways. Three minutes is enough to thoroughly examine all the bronchi and write the image to the computer’s memory. If the doctor decides to take a biopsy of the suspicious area, will take another 1-2 minutes.

Biopsy – it hurt?

No, the bronchial mucosa is almost insensitive to pain, so even anesthesia is required.

What are the discomfort after a bronchoscopy?

Because anesthesia may appear sensation of a lump in the throat, difficulty swallowing saliva. These symptoms disappear within 40-60 minutes. Due to irritation of the bronchial mucosa may appear a little cough, sometimes with blood-streaked sputum. If during the day, these symptoms were gone – all right, if continued – tell your doctor about it.

Do I need hospitalization?

This study is carried out, as a rule, flexible bronchoscopy in the clinic. In particularly difficult cases the results may appoint a soft rigid bronchoscopy.

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