Why do all of these analyzes, that cause us to take the doctors? What distinguishes the blood from the veins of blood from a finger? What do the numbers in a sheet with the results of the analysis?

Blood alive to the slightest change in health. That’s why the first study that assigns a doctor – a general analysis of blood.

The procedure is simple: disposable needle, lancet on the finger pad makes easy 2-mm puncture, there also appears a drop of blood. If it is not enough, the nurse slightly squeezed finger and pick up the blood in the pipette. A more cunning or import the machine, or a keen eye of an experienced physician, laboratory calculate how much you have what.

Short name. Norm content
Hemoglobin Hb
120-160 g/l
for men
120-140 g/l
for women
Protein which is contained in red blood cells and is responsible for the transfer of molecules oxygen from the lungs to the organs and tissues and carbon dioxide back to the easy. If the hemoglobin is less tissue receiving less oxygen. This is what happens in cases of anemia, after the loss of the blood in some hereditary diseases.
Hematocrit Ht
for men
for women
Shows the percentage of blood cells – erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets with respect to its liquid part – plasma. If the hematocrit falls, the person or suffered bleeding, or has sharply depressed the formation of new blood cells. This is for serious infections and autoimmune diseases. Increase in hematocrit indicates blood clots, for example by dehydration.
Erythrocytes RBC
4-5*1012 per liter for men
3-4*1012 per liter
for women
Cells that carry hemoglobin. Changes in the number of red blood cells are closely related to hemoglobin: a little red blood cells – a little hemoglobin (and vice versa).
Color index CI
The ratio of hemoglobin to the number of red blood cells. Color index varies under different anemias: increases when B12, folic acid, and aplastic anemia and autoimmune decreases in iron.
Leucocytes WBC
3-8*109 per liter
Responsible for resistance to infections. The number of white blood cells increases in infections, leukemia. Reduced because of the oppression of white blood cells in the bone formation of the brain in severe infections, cancer and autoimmune illnesses.
Neutrophils NEU to 70% of the total number of leukocytes Cells are non-specific immune response in large numbers are in the submucosal layer and the mucous membranes. Their main task – swallowing alien microbes. Their increase means a purulent inflammation. But especially should be alerted if there is purulent process, and increase of neutrophils in the blood is not.
Eosinophils EOS 1-5% total leukocyte Like neutrophils, are nonspecific immunity. Their growth is characteristic of allergies and parasitic diseases, especially intestinal worm infestations.
Lymphocytes LYM 19-30% Cells specific immunity. If the severity of inflammation index falls below 15%, it is important to estimate the absolute number of lymphocytes per microliter of 1. It should not be lower than 1200-1500 cells.
Platelets PLT
170-320*109 per liter
These cells are responsible for stopping bleeding – haemostasis. And they, like scavengers collected on membrane remnants of inflammatory Wars – circulating immune complexes. Platelet count below normal may indicate an immunological disease or severe inflammation.
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) 10 mm/h
for men
15 mm/h
for women
Increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate indicates inflammation or other pathological process. Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate for no apparent reason should not be ignored!


Some prior to analysis in the evening held a post – believe that the blood must pass in the morning on an empty stomach and be sure. Nothing like this: for a general analysis of blood that does not matter. However, with bacon and potatoes should not eat at night, and then the morning of leukocytes is sure to be more than usual! But after drinking, sunbathing and physiotherapy, as well as after X-ray examination is better to wait a few days, otherwise the results will be a “defect”.

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