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Blood Test (Biochemical)

90% of the blood - water. It dissolved proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts, enzymes, trace elements... Any violation of the well-being of the body is immediately reflected on their content. Keep track of these subtle changes and allow time to recognize the illness blood chemistry.


This is only the basic parameters of the biochemical analysis of blood - a total of more than a hundred. They are necessary for specifying diagnostics when he found trouble in the body. In such cases, appoint advanced blood chemistry - with each disease special.

Some machines can print issue not only with the rules (usually the right column), but also with special brackets and asterisks. There are 3 positions in brackets sprockets and one - for the left and right brackets. An asterisk right in the middle brackets - ideal figure. Shifted to the right or left bracket - standard, but on the upper or lower limit. The asterisk is located behind the bracket on the left - the result of lower than normal. Right - above it.


Blood on the analysis taken from a vein. If you are afraid, tell the nurse to warn: she will prepare a cotton wool with ammonia and will be ready for the unexpected. During the taking of blood to the side and turn away do not look like you will puncture the vein and fill the tube. Not to think about the pain during puncture the skin slowly, breathe deeply through your nose.

In the laboratory it is necessary to come in the morning and on an empty stomach. Such rigor is justified: even after a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of cola blood glucose levels rise, can change and other factors, and the study will be uninformative.