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The Surplus of This Popular Product Threatens Serious Illnesses

In moderate amounts, sugar is important for the health of the whole organism. Millions of years ago, our ancestors diligently mined fruit and honey: sugar not only provided them with energy, but also helped store fat for cold and hungry times. Those who did not eat enough sugar had neither the strength nor the physical… Read More »

What Not to Eat Before Blood Donation?

Dietary restrictions – that’s what a lifetime many times faced everyone. Aggravated gastritis – you can not eat spices, fried, sweet, salty and fresh fruits and vegetables; performance scales began to “off-scale” higher positions – sit on a diet and generally deprive ourselves of the majority of gastronomic pleasures. Even the blood can not pass… Read More »

Alzheimers Disease Called Diabetes Brain

It was found that the human brain has evolved in the direction of finding food that has a high amount of fat and sugar, but the advantage has arisen for survival in times of plenty deformed into an irresistible craving to self-destruct, according to New Scientist.