Your Legs Get Restless? This Is the Restless Legs

Your legs get restless? This is the restless legsThe restless legs syndrome is not known. It appears at the two legs of impatience, temporarily relieved by movement.

Restless: twice as many women as men

The restless legs also called “impatience” is due to an abnormality of the neurotransmitters dopamine (unlike Parkinson’s disease, there is no neuronal death). It affects twice as many women than men, especially after age 50, and there is often a family history. This syndrome also occurs more often during pregnancy and after menopause without really knowing why, although a role of hormones is suspected.

The impatience manifested by discomfort in both legs with the urge to move the legs, causing an almost immediate relief but short.

This very unpleasant feeling has the characteristic to occur exclusively at rest, sitting or lying down, preferably in the evening and in the early part of the night. This results in great difficulty in falling asleep, making restless legs the second leading cause of sleep disorders after sleep apnea syndrome.

In 80% of cases, patients also suffer from automatic and periodic limb movements. The incidence of disorders varies greatly, ranging from several days to a few times a year by seizures.

Note that the restless legs seems to correlate with the occurrence of hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

Restless Legs: strong repercussions in everyday life

One can easily imagine the dramatic social and professional repercussions, due to insomnia and exhaustion, abnormal movements and the immediate need to move, making it impossible entertainment, transport or sitting at the hairdresser.

The medical check passes first by looking for an iron deficiency, which improves the correction disorders. Then the treatment is based on the administration of dopamine at lower than those used in Parkinson’s disease doses.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the restless legs syndrome exists and treated. And if you suffer from sleep disorders, do not forget about your impatience to your doctor!

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