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Why Fish Oil Is Useful. Research Results

Why fish oil is useful. Research resultsAmerican experts from the University of Michigan proved that fish oil reduces the negative impact on the heart of psychological stress.

British scientists representing Liverpool University have investigated the ability of fish oil to compensate for the destructive effect on the body of unhealthy foods and fast food.

Omega-3 fatty acid, contained in fish oil, stimulates the area in the brain responsible for food intake, memory and learning. Omega-3 does not allow fat and sugar to reduce the speed of the food control system. Thus, fish oil reproduces the effect of a low-calorie diet.

Scientists from Japan with their studies also confirm that fish oil is effective for burning excess calories and recommend taking it to improve metabolism in the body.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to grin when taking fish oil, it is now available in capsules and has absolutely no taste, but it is still rich in vitamins D and A, as well as with fatty polyunsaturated acids.