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What Is Structured Water and What Is Its Benefit to the Body

What is structured water and what is its benefit to the bodyScientists, exploring the properties of water, came to the conclusion that it is in some sense really alive. Structured water is not a myth, this useful phenomenon can improve health and rejuvenate the body, scientists say.

According to the results of numerous studies, scientists and physicians came to the conclusion that water is an information system that has memory, structure and energy.

Extraordinary properties of water

The Japanese Masaru Emoto, with the help of macro images, was able to show how the structure of the water molecule varies depending on the source from which it was taken and how it interacted with it.

It turned out that the crystals of frozen spring water look like beautiful snowflakes, and tap water - as something unsymmetrical. In a peculiar way, water reacts to music and even words to it!

What is structured water and how to get it?

Water, which has a harmonious and ordered crystal lattice, is called structured. In appearance, for the naked eye, it is no different from the ordinary.

But under a microscope with a huge gain, you can see how different its crystal structure is. Structured water is absorbed much better, since it has, roughly speaking, a "suitable" diameter of molecules, say scientists. And yet, in its properties, it is close to intracellular fluid - therefore it can improve and rejuvenate the body.

Where to find structured water

Scientists believe that thaw water and water from natural sources have the correct structure. Naturally, the water from the mountain peaks or from the freezer will have different properties, and the first is much preferable. However, for lack of a better refrigeration - also a great way to get structured water at home.

Water from natural sources, many call a truly healing - in almost every region there are stories about springs. Who gave health and longevity, from ancient times to such places people came together for bathing, tried to collect with themselves healing water. Such sources are often found on the territory of ancient religious shrines.

In fact, the healing water from these springs is a real structured one - its special properties are influenced by the successful location of the source, and many external factors - for example, the positive energy of the place. After all, the belief of thousands of people in the possibility of healing with the help of such water also affects its structure and "memory".

There are also industrial ways of ordering the structure of water, so you can meet structured bottled water on sale. Also on the Internet you can find and purchase a device with which you can structure water at home.

The world community has not yet reached a consensus on structured water: the unique utility of such a form is just one version. However, reviews of structured water are unambiguous: its regular use significantly improves the condition of the whole organism.