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Treating Hemorrhoids at Home. Care for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid treatment at home mainly involves adherence of the day, healthy eating habits and procedures for the relief of symptoms of hemorrhoids, besides requires hemorrhoid care and proper medication.

A few tips about the hemorrhoid care, which will help with hemorrhoids:

  • Use care soaked with water after defecating white soft toilet paper or baby wipes.
  • Do not rub in the anal area. Remove what you need warm water in the shower or bidet.
  • Use baby shampoo to hemorrhoid care and anus that does not contain dyes and flavor.
  • When the first urge to empty bowels get the opportunity to do so.
  • Do not rush when defecating, let the body do its own thing.

To quickly relieve the itching and pain of hemorrhoids take preparat Venapro. It consists of herbal ingredients necessary for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which makes it, in addition to high efficiency, safe and very convenient preparation (available as tablets and spray).

10 main rules preventing hemorrhoids:

  • Save the stool soft. The best way to prevent and hemorrhoid care is a softening of the stool that they pass easily, thus decreasing pressure and voltage.
  • Allow the intestines empty itself as soon as possible after the urge to defecate. Relax, let it happen naturally.
  • Regular physical activity, including regular walking. Imagine you with each passing kilometer hemorrhoids removed from you for two. Admit it, it’s worth it!
  • Follow a simple diet. Lots of water. Not greasy, spicy and salty. A lot of fiber, raw vegetables and fruits. Little ice cream, cheese, white bread.
  • Avoid constipation. If you have difficulty with the natural bowel movement – help it, take a laxative, such as Regulaks.
  • Do not read while sitting on the toilet.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • During the day make frequent short walks.
  • Avoid holding your breath during a bowel movement.
  • Avoid prolonged use of laxatives – let laxative will be in your medicine cabinet for emergencies. For the prevention and the care for hemorrhoids should also take Venapro.