Top 7 Conditions for Victory Over Hemorrhoids

Top 7 conditions for victory over hemorrhoids Medical experts from the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States, called the 7 rules that will help prevent and cure hemorrhoids.

Do not read in the bathroom. The study showed that 35% of Americans take with them into the toilet Ipad. Use the special napkins during a visit to the toilet or wet toilet paper. This protects the sore from too much stimulation sites. Avoid paper and napkins with an aromatic fragrance and alcohol. Be aware of hygiene: take a warm bath and then take care of the dryness of the anus to avoid friction sensitive tissues. Go to the toilet every time when you feel the urge to defecate. Delay chair helps increase pressure on the weakened veins, ie, worsening of hemorrhoids. Avoid constipation: Drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in fiber. Move more. Activity helps to reduce the pressure on the veins, as well as get rid of the excess weight that contributes to hemorrhoids.

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