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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoidsThrombosed hemorrhoids usually occurs when you straining during bowel movements due to swelling of the dropped out nodes. Sphincter of the rectum spasm increases the swelling, leads to stagnation of blood in the lower rectal plexus and thrombosed of external hemorrhoids. The patient complained of pain, swelling, discharge from the rectum with an unpleasant odor and difficulties at defecation. At survey are determined dropped out not reduce a edematous internal hemorrhoids, often with fibrinous coating.

In 70-80% of cases, complicated by inflammation of the transition to subcutaneous tissue and the anal area. In this case drugs are being used in combination with a water soluble ointments having potent anti-inflammatory action. These include Anusol HC, Carmol HC, Hydrocortisone, Hytone, Locoid Lipocream, Locoid, Westcort.

In acute hemorrhoids and the early stages of chronic hemorrhoids hold conservative treatment. Its main purpose – relieve pain and inflammation, normalize blood circulation in the rectal area, adjust the digestion. Thrombosed hemorrhoids is an indication for the use of anticoagulants local action. This group of medications include ointments Anusol HC, Carmol HC, Hydrocortisone, Hytone, Locoid Lipocream, Locoid, Westcort. As a preparation for the topical treatment of hemorrhoids established itself particularly Anusol HC. As an agent for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids of its in the early stages established itself a natural product Venapro-Hemorrhoid Formula. Each component of the drug exerts its beneficial effects in thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Conservative treatment is common: increasing venous tone tablets, improve blood flow in small vessels and cavernous veins (for example Venapro-Hemorrhoid Formula); and local: wound healing, pain relievers and antipruritic ointments, suppositories, microclysters and baths. At the same time is appointed antihemorrhoidal diet: vegetables, fruits, bran, and that’s about spices, spicy food and alcohol have to forget.

In surgical treatment under local anesthesia, produce diaplasis dropped nodes, and then perform ligation of the internal nodes latex rings and thrombectomy of the radial incisions at accompanying acute thrombosis of external hemorrhoids. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis. Short-and long-term results are good. Thrombosis, complicated hemorrhoids stage IV requires urgent hemorrhoidectomy.

Thrombectomy – removal of thrombus (venous blood clot). Thrombectomy represents a thrombosed node dissection and removal of a blood clot. Thrombectomy is assigned to the nodes are large and cause severe discomfort to the patient, and conservative therapy is ineffective or may take too time. This procedure does not require hospitalization. After thrombectomy is rapid a relief, hemorrhoid, after a while, collapses. Excision of external hemorrhoid: a procedure which can eliminate the root cause of thrombosis – an external hemorrhoid. This is the most effective method for the treatment of external thrombosed hemorrhoids, as it allows get rid in a subsequent of the recurring exacerbations. Excision of the outdoor knot assigned when acute thrombosis, when conservative therapy is ineffective, or thrombosed knot brings strong discomfort. In most cases this procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. Excision of external hemorrhoid can be done with a scalpel conventional or a high-frequency electro-scalpel.