The Human Papilloma Virus – Diagnosis

The human papilloma virus - diagnosis, treatment and prevention Treatment of warts and warts laser can get rid of them forever. The human papilloma virus (HPV), or human papillomavirus, is a very common infectious viral disease that is transmitted from person to person, or sexual contact – through everyday.

According to medical statistics, it infected more than 50% of the population, especially vulnerable to his people with a weak immune system.

What is the human papilloma virus

The human papilloma virus – is the common name of a large group of viruses that includes more than 100 varieties. ).

Doctors say that 75% of the adult population are healthy carriers of HPV, as many of his views of children are infected even in children’s groups. However, before clinical manifestations, that is, warts, papillomas and warts, comes not always. In addition, the vast majority of infected children and young people (mostly under 25) appeared papillomas and warts go away on their own.

Fact that papilloma – virus, which does not penetrate deeply into the body and blood, it resides exclusively in the basal layer of the upper skin. Therefore, if an infected person’s immune system is strong and powerful, he will banish HPV and HPV go away without treatment. If you have contracted the virus in adulthood and his expulsion did not happen for 1 – 3 years, you become a chronic carrier of it. In this case, with the papilloma – virus, most likely, you will have to put up with all my life, since drugs, completely killing it, scientists have not yet invented.

The incubation period of HPV infection usually lasts for several months, but in some cases may be increased up to several years. There are cases when HPV lives in the body for many years, sometimes from birth, not giving themselves known and seen for the first time in old age, under the influence of any adverse factors that triggered the depression of immunity.

Therefore, it is safe to say that, as in case of other viral and fungal infections (herpes, thrush), the appearance of papillomas and warts indicates a decline in immunity and only begins when the body’s defenses weakened to such an extent that they are unable to According to recent reports, even the formation of calluses on his feet through a type of papillomavirus.

Activation of HPV, in which the disease becomes invisible to the clinical stage, contribute to frequent change of sexual partners, urogenital infections (gerpevirus, chlamydia, ureomikoplazmoz, mycoplasmosis), immunodeficiency, hypothermia, severe stress, depression, alcohol abuse and smoking.

Is it dangerous to papillomavirus

When asked how dangerous papillomas and warts, doctors answer is that it depends only on the degree of tumorigenicity of the virus. There are viruses nizkoonkogennye (6, 11, 42, 43, 44), medium oncogenicity (31, 33, 35, 51, 52, 58) and a high degree of tumorigenicity (16, 18, 45, 56). Sometimes the same person can have multiple types of viruses at the same time.

Current laboratory methods for diagnosis of HPV, the most informative and sensitive of which is a PCR (polymerase chain reaction), allow to precisely determine the type of virus and its danger, that is, whether it is to oncogenic types.

Different types of virus in the human body often behave differently. It is known that the human papilloma virus type 2 is a non-tumorigenic, affects mainly the skin (skin papilloma virus) and causes warts and moles hanging on different parts of the body. The most frequent HPV in the neck, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts in women, but they can settle down and to the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, mouth, vocal cords, bladder, intestines and stomach.

Viruses 6 and 11 types are characterized by a low risk of carcinogenicity and provoke the development of papillomas of the mucous membranes of the genitals called genital genital warts or genital warts. Women warts often located on the labia, the cervix, the vagina, perineal urethra and anus. In men, they tend to focus on the head and body of the penis, sometimes in the urethra, which provokes a difficulty urinating, spraying urine and change in shape of the jet.

The most unfavorable for carcinogenicity are HPV types 16 and 18, often found in women with cervical cancer and in men with cancer lesions of the penis. Women who have found these types of HPV, for the prevention of cancer process, it is recommended mandatory vaccination.

Diagnosis and treatment of warts and warts

Treatment of HPV performed only in cases where there are any clinical manifestations – HPV or genital warts as well as their appearance indicates the activation of HPV. Completely remove the virus from the body, unfortunately, can not, can only be possible to suppress the activity of the viral infection and translate it into a “sleep” state, preventing relapse and reoccurrence of tumors.

Treatment of HPV infection consists of two stages – first performed the complete removal of papillomas (warts), and then held restorative therapy, aimed at strengthening the immune system and preventing relapse (receipt of antiviral drugs, vitamins, immunostimulants).

Now remove warts is carried out in many clinics modern and effective ways – by using a laser beam of liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), by electrocoagulation (affecting papilloma electric current of high frequency) and radio waves. The most common methods of laser removal and removal of warts with nitrogen.

Laser removal of warts on the neck, eyelids, under the breasts, face and any other part of the body is made in a few minutes. The advantages of laser destruction include the fact that during the removal of warts laser they disappear forever, as the virus is killed by the heat of the laser beam. After the procedure in place papilloma dry crust is formed, under which there is healing. After 10 – 14 days it automatically disappears, while the skin is not different in color from the surrounding tissue.

Remove warts with liquid nitrogen is carried out, on the contrary, due to very low temperatures (– 196 C), with removable fabric from freezing completely destroyed and subsequently falls off, the skin underneath it loses its sensitivity and becomes white. Advantages of this method – after cryoablation procedure is left scars, does not require anesthesia, the wound heals quickly.

Remove Warts on the genitals or in the perineum, especially when a large area of ​​destruction, large-scale tumors or lesions of the anal canal, often requires general anesthesia. The main condition – all warts should be removed in a single session, to prevent the possibility of re-infection. After removal of warts patient assigned intramuscular injection analgesics for 5 – 6 days, and antiviral creams and ointments.

Prevention of HPV infection

In recent years, many people, especially young people, a very lightly to infections, sexually transmitted, trusting, if necessary, by means of powerful antibiotics. However, it is a dangerous delusion, because the viruses, including human papillomavirus, is not amenable to antibiotics. In addition, they are very unpredictable and difficult to establish.

By the cunning of HPV include the fact that the use of condoms during sex is not sufficiently reliable means of protection against papilloma infection, as well as from genital herpes because the ground is enough to infect the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, prevention of HPV is becoming of major importance, especially for women.

If men, for the most part, after the infection are asymptomatic carriers of most types of HPV, the infection for women can have much more serious consequences – in 95% of women with cervical cancer and HPV diagnosed. That is why every woman should at least 1 time per year to visit the gynecologist and take a swab from the cervix to detect changes in the state of epithelial cells in the early stages.

This test, called «pap-smear» (PAP test), according to doctors, will significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality of women from cervical cancer in developed countries. In addition, infected women should do regular cervical colposcopy (examination of the state of the mucous membranes and tissues under a microscope), and if necessary, cytology suspicious areas.

According to the scientists, all of which appeared Hanging moles, warts and other growths should be removed prophylactically, without waiting for their rebirth in the disease. For example, if time does not make the removal of genital warts, they are self-propagating away from the area of ​​primary education, and to create all the new centers. In severe cases, the warts may coalesce with each other, getting kind of cauliflower, break away during intercourse, bleeding and even interfere with walking.

Since papilloma virus infection tends to recur after removal of tumors is necessary to carry out the mandatory control of cure and implement a set of measures that increase the activity of immune system and overall resistance to viruses and infections. To do this, you need to give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol), do not use without urgent need antibiotics, eat healthy, exercise regularly, walking in the fresh air and possibly to protect themselves from the stress.

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