The American Diet

The American dietThis diet is considered one of the most famous systems of combating obesity worldwide. Many Hollywood stars stick to this diet to stay in shape. Today, I can feel like a star each.

There are several types of the American diet:

This diet is designed for 7 days. The main feature of the diet – is the lack of hunger due to a well balanced diet.

If you have eaten a fatty meal, be sure to seize him several slices of pineapple or grapefruit.

Drink plenty of liquids – it helps to remove waste products and toxins from the body. Eat only until five o’clock in the evening. It is necessary to eat only foods that are really useful to humans. Not allowed salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar, oil, fat and alcohol.

American diet menu:

Breakfast for all days of the same – coffee with milk but no sugar, 2 apple or an orange, a slice of bread or toast, boiled egg.

Lunch – 200g of boiled or fried fish, 100g celery with lemon juice, tea or coffee (without sugar or milk).

Dinner – 100 g cooked meat (chopped finely, add a little onion and 1 egg yolk), a slice of bread from wheat flour, one apple or a glass of low-fat milk.

Lunch – 200g stewed spinach, 150g of boiled or fried veal liver, 2 boiled potatoes, tea or coffee.

Dinner – 200 grams of fat-free yogurt, a salad of tomatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil, a slice of bread or toast, a slice of lean ham, boiled egg.

Lunch – orange or grapefruit, tomato juice, 200g of low-fat fried meat, lettuce, coffee or tea.

Dinner – 200 low-fat yogurt, 2 boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes, a slice of bread or toast, an apple or a pear.

Lunch – 200g of boiled or fried chicken, 150 g of cabbage, croutons and a piece of bread, coffee or tea.

Dinner – 50 g low-fat cottage cheese, you can add a little green onion, bell pepper, egg yolk (raw); 6 radishes, toast or a slice of bread, 200g of low-fat milk.

Lunch – 250g grated carrots, 150g of cooked lean meat, 2 potatoes in their skins, toast, coffee or green tea.

Dinner – 150 boiled beef with horseradish, apple, lettuce, 200g of low-fat milk.

Dinner – 200 grams of cooked lean chicken, 100g of rice, 100g of lettuce leaves (chop and season with lemon juice), green apple, 200g of low-fat milk.

Dinner – 200 grams of low-fat yogurt, 2 small chops, slice of bread, a green apple.

The second option – a roller coaster:

This diet is based on the principle of change in calorie daily diet. This makes it possible to achieve optimal results, because the body does not have time to tune in to a particular diet and constantly burns calories.

The ration for the “roller coaster”:

  • The power supply system is designed for 3 weeks. Exclude from menu fatty food.
  • The first three days is necessary to consume 600 calories per day.
  • From the fourth to seventh day – 900 calories per day.
  • During the second week, the daily caloric diet is 1200 kcal.
  • The third is similar to the first week, that is, after 600 to 900 calories per day.

This ration allows the american diet to lose 6-7 kg of excess weight, but for optimal results, it is best to combine this diet with exercise. If you play sports, the result can be more impressive – 8-9 kg in just one week.

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