Tea Weight Loss Diet

Tea weight loss dietTea diet – it is a method of losing weight by drinking tea for several days. It is presented in different versions, and almost all of them are designed for rapid weight loss due to the complete failure of the food or the strong reduction of caloric intake. Estimated fat burning effect is achieved both through the restrictions in food, and because of the beneficial effects of tea on the figure.

The essence of the most popular tea diet is only one use of tea for 3 days. There are many versions of this diet where the drink is chosen black or green, used with or without sugar, restricted or permitted in any quantity.

There are varieties of tea diets designed for a longer period – 7 or 14 days, and some embodiments include, in addition to the use of beverage foodstuffs. But the most common is still a tea diet for 3 days. Its rules:

  • The day you can drink six cups of tea;
  • Black tea should be taken – in which case an additional fat-burning effect is provided by the presence of caffeine in it;
  • Relies on a cup of tea spoon of sugar.

This diet is too short to be able to talk about significant weight loss. Maybe it can help you get rid of 0.5 kg of fat per 3 days, but better results can hardly count. Although the scale, you will see more impressive numbers, in fact pitches due to a greater extent the devastation of the intestine, for you for three days without eating, although there continue to visit the toilet.

Positive aspects of the tea diet:

  1. Quick results. Tea diet can be used in cases where the 3 days you will visit an important event where you want to look a little better than it really is. Due to the devastation you have multiple bowel reduced belly, which will get into smaller clothes. But keep in mind that after the return of the form of diet, because the intestine is filled again.
  2. With respect to good tolerability when compared to other diets generally do not provide meals. Lack of strong hunger is provided on one side of caffeine contained in tea leaves, on the other – sugar. It comes in small portions at regular intervals, thereby allowing time to time to reduce hunger by increasing the level of glucose in the blood.
  3. A small duration. Tea diet is harmful to health. Well, it only lasts for 3 days. Perhaps, during this time you will not have time to earn gastritis and disrupt your metabolism.

There is a diet in which the tea is used in conjunction with milk. It is believed that it itself has fat burning properties and impact positively on the figure even without dieting. But this is nothing more than rumors – milk tea has the same effect on weight, such as milk and tea, drunk alone.

Recipe tea with milk to the diet is very simple: take the tea leaves, place in a teapot, but does not fill with water as you usually do, and boiled milk.

There are plenty of diets based on the consumption of tea with milk. They mainly involve the reception throughout the day 1.5 liters of the drink without eating food. The difference lies in the duration. Sometimes diet offered to observe three days, sometimes – 5 or 7 days.

Some advise once a week to arrange a fasting day on milk and tea, and this option is the most preferred. It is not harmful to health, reduces the total number of calories consumed per week, and most importantly – constantly promotes weight loss and long-term, if you practice these regularly fasting days.

Most tea diets are stupid, harmful and ineffective. They come only to those who are on his body only 1-2 kg of excess weight. In this way, they can be quickly reset, and this is really hungry enough for only 3-4 days. All other tea diet, including the use of milk is not recommended because:

  • The effect of these weak and temporary;
  • Such diets harmful to health;
  • A number of consecutive days, hungry and poorly tolerated at all discourage the human desire for further weight loss.

Thus, from the tea diet can get more harm than good. Moreover, not only for health but also for the figure, because the diet with poor tolerability undermine motivation.

However, the above does not apply to schemes slimming day using the tea with sugar or milk. Fasting days on this drink once a week to help control weight. In combination with other measures aimed at reducing body weight, they contribute to the full normalization of the figure.

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