Strength Training for Weight Loss

Strength training for weight lossHow to lose weight? The first thing that comes to mind for most people – you need to go on a diet and running every day. But not only cardio training, such as jogging or swimming, contribute to weight loss. One of the methods to reduce body fat – it is strength training. It is to lose weight used by both men and women. It is advisable to work out in the gym, where there are all necessary: ​​shells, trainers, coaches, moral support and competent advice. But at home to lose weight using weight training is also possible, although the results will be worse.

The mechanism of action of strength training

Strength training affects the body fat mass by means of several mechanisms:

  1. Energy consumption during the workout. Rising iron or doing other exercise, you expend calories. Spend an extra 400-500 calories per day, you will lose weight faster.
  2. Accelerate metabolism. Surely you’ve noticed that even after 1-2 hours after exercise, you still feel like you are out of the heat. This is a consequence of accelerated metabolism. Increased heat indicates an increased calorie consumption per unit time. That is, even in a state of rest after returning from the gym, you lose weight.
  3. Build muscle. Regular classes are usually weightlifting increases muscle mass man. The higher it is, the greater will be the average daily calorie consumption.

We should not suppose that only one sport can give yourself a great figure. If your body a lot of fat, in addition to strength training diet is necessary. Classes burn an average of 500 kcal per day in addition to the primary energy consumption. At the same time with the diet can be reduced energy input into the body to 1000 kcal per day and more.

The diet is more effective for weight loss than weight training. But these methods of weight loss can not be opposed to each other. You will achieve maximum results, combining them. Combining sport, proper nutrition, supplementation, adjusting lifestyle, you will lose weight more quickly, and this process will become more natural.

Men are much more likely to engage in weight training than women. This is quite a natural phenomenon, because the stronger sex to have a good figure, should have developed musculature. At the same time big biceps women scare men rather than attract, so the girls better to lose weight with the help of kardionagruzok.

Strength training for men may include:

  • Training with a barbell: bench press, deadlift, wide grip pull-up to his chest, curl with reverse grip barbell bench press standing because of the head;
  • Training with dumbbells: lunges, squats, curl with dumbbells standing on a bench, dumbbells swings to the side lying, divorce dumbbells;
  • Exercises using own weight: twisting, pulling on the bar, push-ups, sit-ups.

It is advisable to go to the gym and worked under the guidance of coach as weight training require specific knowledge and skills. They help to achieve higher sports results while avoiding overtraining, injury and loss of motivation. Although the house is also possible to lose weight and be sure to purchase this post with a bench and dumbbells.

Women can also be used for weight loss weight training. It should be remembered that too much muscle hypertrophy, especially in the back and arms, will not make the figure more beautiful. Therefore, exercise must be carried out primarily at strengthening the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest.

Women weight training can achieve the following results:

  • Make the legs more slender;
  • Become more confident, get rid of complexes.

For successful weight loss is recommended for women to alternate weight training and cardio training. Catching weightlifting, girls can not build muscle as well as men. This prevents both hormones, and differences in the structure of the muscle fibers. Women have less endurance-they are not able to exercise for one to burn as many calories as men.

Optimum training schedule for weight loss:

  • 1-2 times a week – trip to the gym and doing exercises with dumbbells and barbell;
  • 2-3 times a week – cardio training (bike, running, skating);
  • Every day – walking 30 minutes or more.

Be aware of the need for dieting. Training usually increase the appetite, so you have to control your diet conscious.

Strength training may be used as a method of weight loss. It allows you to spend a lot of energy during exercise, temporarily speeds up the metabolism, it helps to build muscle mass. As a method of weight loss, strength training are more suited to men than to women, because the beauty of their figures is largely dependent on the amount of muscle. In addition, they have more stamina for regular and sustained exercise. Women desirable to combine strength training with cardio: running, training on a stationary bike, swimming, skating, aerobics.

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