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Severe Pain of Hemorrhoids - How to Fight?

Severe pain of hemorrhoids - how to fight? Hemorrhoids are a serious disease that occurs almost every second. Disease begins all different for different reasons:

  • Sedentary work;
  • The common cold;
  • Chronic digestive diseases;
  • Frequent emotional distress;
  • After giving birth.

Some long period suffer from constipation, and only later appears varicose wreath in the anus and in the rectum. Sometimes the first start strong the pain of hemorrhoids, and then distressing effects.

No matter how quickly the disease develops and what factors contributed to the development of the disease, hemorrhoids cause pain, discomfort, and often profuse bleeding. A person who has a disease should be able to without the help of experts to remove the pain, or at least know how to relieve hemorrhoid pain.

What are the pain of hemorrhoids

Depending on the cause of hemorrhoids, how it occurs, by means and methods of treatment and the individual patient’s age and tolerance, pain, haemorrhoids are of different nature. In the early stages of the disease usually experience pain during and after defecation. The pain is short-term, the intensity of the weak.

A man with a “sit-down” work at first, begins to feel uncomfortable, and only much later appear severe pain in certain parts of the body and the anus.

When the disease is far from being in its infancy, patients experience headache, back pain in the lumbar region, noticed cutting pain in the abdomen, there is a heaviness in the gut. No matter what kind of pain you are experiencing at the moment, if you do not start early treatment, the pain will only increase gradually.

Do not forget that at different ages the disease is transferred in many ways, the older a person is, the stronger the pain, intense and longer.

How to relieve hemorrhoid pain

When there is pain, even minor, it is advisable to take the right position, lying or half-sitting and try to relax. In a relaxed state, you can ease the pain and it almost did not feel it. Need to get away and stop to focus on the pain.

How can I relieve hemorrhoid pain

Painful spasms of hemorrhoids can not be avoided, but you should know some tricks to trick your body and how to relieve hemorrhoid pain:

  • A cold compress of ice cubes can significantly ease the pain;
  • Candles from aloe plant is peeled (1-2 cm) and inserted into the rectum;
  • The patient can be “planted” on the steam bath of cranberries, brewed in boiling water;
  • Cranberry “porridge” wrapped in gauze is applied to the inflamed area.

Removing the pain of hemorrhoids

Removal of minor pain, perhaps in many ways, for example

  • Inflamed area smeared with lecithin;
  • Applied a cold compress;
  • Squatting in relaxation of the muscles of the anus, the pain goes away almost immediately;
  • Apply a special cream for hemorrhoids or binding agents;
  • Use a medicated wipes or swabs.

When the pain becomes severe and progressive, most often to remove it by yourself will not work. Therefore, relieve hemorrhoid pain is better to carry out jointly with specialists or under their control.

Today the whole set of physical exercises to help with hemorrhoids, which prepares the muscles and at the right time is compressed or relaxation, which reduces the pains of hemorrhoids.