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Chinese Scientists Named Apricot Most Valuable in the World of Fruit

Researchers in China conducted a large-scale testing of different fruits with the aim to find out which of them is not only delicious, but also the most useful and vitamins. The first contest took place in the apricot.

This fragrant and sweet fruit has a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system and helps the human heart. In addition, the regular use of apricot help in the prevention of many diseases. The fact is that the apricot contains large amounts of potassium and potassium, is known to play a crucial role in the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, potassium helps rid the body of harmful toxins, and normalizes blood pressure in the arteries.

Scientists have noted that most needed potassium and iron, which are contained in apricots and dried apricots, during pregnancy and lactation. Eating a little bit of dried apricots every day, pregnant or nursing mother fill the lack of mineral salts in the body, improve metabolism and make bones strong.

It is also recommended to regularly feast on fresh apricots people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Dried apricots also help with poor circulation, reduced cardiac arrhythmia and eventually are an excellent preventive measure against heart attack.

Apricots contains vitamins and beta-carotene, which help fight infectious diseases and even cancer diseases. So include in your diet apricots, moreover, that during Lent she will help the body to get enough vitamins and not to succumb to the spring beriberi.