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Protein for Weight Loss

weight loss proteinProtein - one of the three main energy substrates required to sustain the human body. Along with carbohydrates and fats, they form the basis of our food. In the intestine, the proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are released into the bloodstream, and can then be consumed as a "fuel". But if fat and especially carbohydrates energy function is the main, the proteins are spent mainly on the construction of the cells in our body.

Surely you notice that most of today’s diets restricted in the first place, the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, while the basis of the diet are just proteins. What is the reason? Obviously, nutritionists believe proteins are less harmful to the figures, so a person is allowed to use them in large quantities. But the splitting of proteins produce as much energy as carbohydrates. That is, their calorie content comparable. What is the secret properties of dietary protein foods?

Secret 1. As already mentioned, only a small portion of protein is used to meet the energy needs of the body. The rest are going to build new cells, enzymes, antibodies, hormones.

Secret 2. Squirrels rarely turn into fat, as this is a complex and energy-intensive process, which, moreover, takes place in two stages. In the process of gluconeogenesis from amino acids derived glucose, which can then be used for the synthesis of triglycerides (fats). Normally, our body is not economical decided on such irrational action.

Secret 3. The process of protein breakdown in the intestines requires large amounts of energy. For example, to 1000 kcal of protein, the body has to expend about 300 calories. To remove the same amount of energy from carbohydrates consumed only 70 kcal.

All protein products, in fact, are dietary. But not only this is the reason for the wide use of proteins in nutrition programs aimed at weight reduction. If the shortage of fats and carbohydrates is only good figure, the lack of protein in the body can turn around serious health problems.

  1. It reduces the body’s defenses, increased incidence of infectious diseases. Proteins are essential for the maintenance of both cellular and humoral immunity same. Antibodies complement system, interferon, lysozyme, immunoglobulins, leukocytes - to produce all the necessary elements of the immune system proteins.
  2. hormonal imbalance, deterioration of the skin, fatigue, depression, decreased libido, and even cessation of menstruation - can also be caused by protein deficiency.
  3. If there is insufficient protein the body tries to get them from domestic sources, breaking down the body’s own tissue. First in the course are the skeletal muscles. Therefore, in the absence of a sufficient amount of food proteins, at some point, muscle mass begins to decline rapidly.
  4. When the amount of albumin in the blood is reduced, the swelling begin to form. The reason for this decrease in oncotic (exerted proteins) plasma pressure. The liquid passes easily from the vessels into the interstitial (intercellular) space, which results in swelling of the soft tissues.
  5. Protein is needed for generation of platelets and clotting factors. Therefore, protein deficiency increases the risk of bleeding.

The protein does not burn fat, but it promotes weight loss when used instead of fats and carbohydrates. As one of the three main sources of energy, in fact, this nutrient has the lowest calorie. So most popular diets are based on reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats that are harmful to the figure. Proteins thus, are generally not limited.