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Protein dietThe most common protein diet try to choose those who are engaged in fitness, or who can not give up meat and fish, but calmly dispenses with flour and sweet.

The basic idea of protein diets is that we create a shortage of carbohydrates in the body, are considered the main source of energy for the organism. As a result, the metabolism starts to rebuild, and the body will consume fat.

The bulk of the protein diet involves almost complete rejection of carbohydrate foods, and consumption of products containing large amounts of protein.

The diet protein diet usually includes meat and fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt and low-fat cheeses.

Sometimes, for example, egg diet, the diet can include citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, and the like), which are positioned as a source of vitamins.

The main disadvantage of all protein diets – it is unbalanced diet.

We can not exclude carbohydrates completely!

For weight loss on the protein diet is usually used following recommendations may be included on the menu only lean chicken, fish, egg whites and low-fat cottage cheese (it is desirable to have 4 meals, at a time that the output of 25-30 g of protein) and a drink sugar and other products should be deleted (except Citrus).

This menu can not be considered a balanced… In most cases the authors of these methods is recommended to keep a diet for 2 weeks, ostensibly for “changes in metabolism”. In practice, the rejection of carbohydrates is harmful to the body. The complete absence of ñontaining carbohydrates foods in the diet and an excess of junk food can cause ketosis (increased content of ketone bodies in the tissues of the body).

Ketosis is a kind of unmistakable indication that the process of lipolysis. Reach ketosis state – the main goal of many low-carb diets.

Typically ketosis appears when the amount of carbohydrates is less than 100 grams per day. In some people, ketosis occurs only with reducing carbohydrates to 40 g per day.

To determine the presence of ketone bodies can use the urine test.

Some authors protein diets claim that the complete rejection of carbohydrates – a necessary condition for weight loss, because ketosis state body draws its energy mainly from the fat reserves.

It is believed that the ketogenic diet is very harmful and even dangerous for your health. Indeed, the ketogenic diet can be dangerous, it all depends on the individual person’s health status.

However, current research tells us this:

“A diet rich in protein products should not be carbohydrate-free. That, as far as we lose weight, largely depends on the daily caloric intake and what we consume carbohydrates during the day and at what time (in the morning or late afternoon), how much protein per 1 kg of body weight comes from food”.

If you are not ready to compete in fitness or bodybuilding, so what’s the point to exhaust yourself? To reduce the percentage of body fat, you can go for less severe measures, albeit the result will be noticeable not so fast.

Carbohydrates – a major supplier of food for the nervous system.

If they are missing, the following symptoms: fatigue, loss of efficiency, reduction of attention, irritability.

Eat 4-6 times a day, the first meal – 20-30 minutes after the lift, the last reception for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Each meal should consist of a portion of protein (20-30 g) and other low-calorie foods. Till one o’clock permitted to 1-2 servings of complex carbohydrates. This 8-10 tablespoons of buckwheat or oatmeal. Or the same amount of boiled brown (brown) rice. Ñontaining carbohydrates from other products on time, weight loss will need to be abandoned. After 13 hours of the day should be protein products will have only non-starchy vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, etc. Fruit is consumed sparingly and preferably in the morning. Allowed 2 unsweetened apple or 1 grapefruit. Drink at least two liters of plain water a day.

Take vitamins after breakfast (can be sports, such as: Opti-Vites or Daily Formula).

Limit fats permitted to 40 g per day.

How to make the correct protein diet?

During a diet to lose weight you need to eat one of these foods at each meal:

  • 150-200 g skinless chicken breast;
  • 150-200 g lean fish (flounder, cod, pollock, tuna);
  • 100 g turkey, beef or veal;
  • 150-200 g fat-free yogurt.

These protein products must be consumed in an amount which indicated above.

Also you can include in your diet: 1-2 servings of whey protein per day.

200-250 ml (1 cup) of skim milk or plain water, one scoop (30 grams of protein).

1 serving of protein shake – this one meal. Very handy if you do not have time to prepare write.

It is recommended to drink in the morning, after 1.5 hours after exercise (if you want to lose weight), and (or) at night.

Choose whey isolate firms: Dymatize or Syntrax.

Menu protein diet

We offer you a rough menu for women who exercise regularly (3-5 times a week) and perform cardio + work in the gym.

The first meal (breakfast): 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal with cinnamon, 6 egg whites with spinach, apple half. Unsweetened tea or coffee.

The second meal (lunch): 150 grams of cooked breast, served with 4-5 tablespoons of cooked brown rice.

The third meal (a dinner): 150 g of tuna and a salad of non-starchy vegetables, season with olive oil (1 tablespoon).

The fourth meal (afternoon snack): 200 g fat-free cottage cheese with vegetable salad (you can add lemon juice).

Fifth meal (evening meal): 150 g of fish with steamed green beans, protein shake or a cup of yogurt.

Protein diet can help lose weight, and virtually all its effectiveness is increased by an order if you do weights and cardio in the gym.

It should be noted that during the period of weight loss and the use of refined foods alcohol is not allowed.

To prevent disruptions once a week (for example, every Sunday) you can eat a small portion of your favorite product.

Protein diet: -70 kg for 60 months

Before you start the protein diet, you should consult with your doctor!

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