Products Debilitating Arthritis Pain

Products debilitating arthritis painArthritis – an inflammatory disease of the joint (or more joints), and among the main causes various infections diseases, injuries, nervous system disorders, allergy, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiencies. The disease occurs quite often, and do not always get sick elderly people (although they are certainly more often).

Arthritis – a set of measures, including medication, mud hirudotherapy, physiotherapy, and, alas, sometimes it comes to surgery. But the disease could have been avoided or at least significantly delay it, if in time, that is, from his youth to think about its prevention. And this, above all, the right diet. But never too late to start, the people who have been diagnosed with arthritis, it is recommended to stick to a certain diet – in conjunction with the main treatment this will substantially reduce joint pain and slow the progression of the disease.

Fighting overweight

There have arthritis your “favorites”, but rather “darling” – is obese women overstepped 50-year milestone. As a rule, most of these ladies are suffering from any disease of the joints – this arthritis and osteoarthritis and gout, etc. It is important to understand that the further progression of these diseases in a short time can lead to disability and, of course, very spoil the quality of life, and that is why it is now important in combination with other therapeutic measures to think about weight loss. This not only helps to improve the condition of the joints, but also contribute to the overall improvement of the body.

Priority products

Is not a secret that vegetarians are significantly less likely to suffer from diseases of the joints than avid meat-eaters. Besides diet, based fresh fruits and vegetables containing fiber, promote rapid weight loss.

For example, people suffering from arthritis, recommended in all kinds of cabbage. It contains sulforaphane – a substance which prevents the destruction of the cartilage tissue. In this sense, all the good cabbage varieties, but especially broccoli. Cabbage also contains a record number of vitamins, micro and macro, and therefore not only helps prevent joint pain, but also enhances the body’s resistance to many diseases. And by the way, the constant use of cabbage effectively helps to cope with the problem of constipation, if any.

Summer must eat cherries. These berries contain a lot of antioxidants (anthocyanins), which due to their anti-inflammatory properties, act as an anesthetic. Arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout even able to retreat before the cherries.

Collagen is essential for building bone and cartilage, muscles and ligaments. He is in aspic jelly or which are prepared on the basis of bone broth.

Chondroprotectors – another substance which promotes the restoration of the cartilaginous tissue and enhances the production of synovial fluid. Pharmacopeia offers a variety of drugs for the treatment of arthritis, based on glucosamine and chondroitin them who belong to the group chondroprotectors. Contains a substance in food gelatin, so do not forget to prepare a more delicious dessert and low-cal like jelly.

It must be treated gently proteins, such as red meat is recommended to exclude completely, but that does not mean that you should go to the protein-free diet. Proteins are needed to build new tissue and to restore the cartilage that covers the articular surfaces of bones. “Take” protein from lean white meat, fish and vegetable of buckwheat and legumes (peas, beans, lentils). By the way, the protein is better absorbed if the meat is cooked for a couple of stewed or boiled. Contribute to the restoration of the joints and dairy products, particularly useful dairy products – yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.

One of the causes of joint diseases is metabolic disorders, so patients with arthritis need fats. It should be fats of vegetable origin, also allowed a small amount of butter.

Body needs B vitamins – they play an important role in the proper metabolism. A lack of these vitamins in addition to arthritis can appear many other diseases, is caused by impaired metabolism.

Vitamin D – is another important vitamin, its deficiency leads to excessive deposition of calcium in the articular cartilage to reduce its elasticity. Result – the cartilage is gradually destroyed. Compensate for the deficiency of this vitamin helps the fish oil – it requires not only children but also adults.

Drink a lot! Water – the basis of any diet in the treatment of arthritis. Dehydration is extremely harmful for our joints, and, as they say, do not lead to sin, it is understood that dehydration occurs in the joints long before a person starts to feel thirsty. But the fluid can not be abused – excess fluid leads to edema, and this disrupts the blood supply and food joints. So drink plenty of fluids, but be careful to avoid edema.

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