Pressure Therapy for Weight Loss: What Is It?

pressure therapy, apparatus for pressurePressure therapy – a method of hardware cosmetology, which helps to improve the skin condition by increasing microcirculation, eliminate edema, venous and lymphatic congestion phenomena. Pressure therapy – not a method of weight loss, although the site of many beauty salons, practicing this procedure, obesity can be seen in the number of indications.

Pressure therapy – it’s just a physical therapy action, which we should not expect miracles. This method is necessary for people who have impaired microcirculation. The blood flow in small vessels of the skin can suffer because of the sedentary lifestyle of various diseases, as well as because of their age. In women 45-50 years after the hormonal changes that are often accompanied by swelling. Sometimes they are invisible to the eye but the circulation of blood and lymph vessels in usually broken, and the effect of these processes becomes cellulite.

I should say that pressotherapy – not the cheapest procedure. Its cost is around 1000-2000 rubles. The entire course of therapy typically consists of 10-12 sessions. These prices do not explain the high efficiency of the procedure, which is comparable to a conventional massage. But the machine, which is carried out using pressure therapy, of course, costs money, and considerable. Accordingly, the procedure is, by definition, be more expensive than the same massage, which requires only a table and skilful hands of the masseur.

Pressure therapy is painless, so the procedure does not need to be afraid. You will dress suit with compartments for air. Then you lie on the couch, and the air is pumped in a suit. This unit allows you to adjust the mode of pressure therapy. There are various programs that are usually either directed to a massage, or a lymphatic drainage.

In some salons are machines for pressure therapy with different “twists”. For example, with infrared heating, which in turn has a positive effect on the microcirculation. Temperature effect allows dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. However, hardly heating significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure, increase the temperature because the surface of the skin can be even at home. For example, immersed in a hot bath. The value of these innovations is likely to hit the ear trusting client and persuade him to pay for the expensive procedure.

Does the pressure therapy to lose weight?

As already stated, pressure does not affect the body fat mass. Neither the temperature nor the massage effect is not able to save you from excess weight. “Lose Ground” – nothing more than a slogan to lure customers. Pressure therapy – is a good way to fight cellulite, but no way to lose weight.

Why, then, the Internet has a lot of positive feedback about the pressure therapy, just as the procedure for weight loss? Why do people say that the field a few sessions they managed to lose 1-3 kilograms of weight? The mechanism of this “weight loss” is similar to what happens after the use of diuretic teas or limit salt in food. Weight loss is due to excretion of 1-3 liters of fluid.

However, in contrast to the same diuretics, pressure really brings “extra” liquid. Exit the water that has accumulated in the intercellular space due to the deterioration of the microcirculation. She does not need the body, and only puts pressure on small blood vessels, narrowing of the lumen and preventing normal blood flow.

Pressure therapy – no more than a cosmetic procedure. It will improve the condition of your skin and help in the fight against cellulite, displays the excess fluid from the tissues and eliminate congestion. As a method of pressure therapy is useless for weight loss, so do not do it on a bet. Currently, the methods of weight loss without effort there.

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