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90-day Diet of a Separate Food

alt90 days, a separate food - the original scheme, based on the classic separation of power, which is strictly regulated on certain days. The eponymous book authors promise us neither more nor less than the acceleration of metabolism, dumping 25 kilograms, and no side effects to health. Let’s try to find out how justified their claims, why lovers always sweet like this program and what are the medical background to find on the course.

Figs Diet for Weight Loss

Figs diet reviews of lost weightFigs diet - an easy way of getting rid of excess weight, which can be used by anyone who wants to have a slim figure and good immunity.

Pressure Therapy for Weight Loss: What Is It?

pressure therapy, apparatus for pressurePressure therapy - a method of hardware cosmetology, which helps to improve the skin condition by increasing microcirculation, eliminate edema, venous and lymphatic congestion phenomena. Pressure therapy - not a method of weight loss, although the site of many beauty salons, practicing this procedure, obesity can be seen in the number of indications.

Senna for Weight Loss

senna for weight loss, improved digestion, how the hay for weight lossSenna - a medicinal plant whose leaves have a laxative effect. Preparations on the basis of senna can be purchased at any pharmacy. Moreover, in the instructions you will not find such evidence as "obese". But people like the little things do not stop, so they are actively using this laxative plant in order to reduce body weight. In addition, senna is found in many teas and dietary supplements for weight loss.

Cottage Cheese Diet Maggie. Menu Curd Diet Maggi

cottage cheese diet maggi menuDiet Maggi and its variety - egg and cheese - has been repeatedly mentioned earlier. About the egg we discussed in great detail, the time came to light the principles cheese Maggi, which enjoys enough popular among people who want to lose weight.