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Diet on Cellulose

Diet on celluloseThere are many effective diets for weight loss. But people in the majority of cases they do not lose weight because they refuse to low-calorie food in just a few days after the decision on the fight against obesity. Blame - hunger, tormented man due to reduced caloric intake. To avoid it, and to increase the effectiveness of the diet, cellulose can be used. Let’s talk about how it works, and what kind of weight-loss schemes are applied to cellulose to date.

Milk Diet for Weight Loss

Milk diet for weight lossEveryone in their own way refers to different products. Someone like olives, some do not; someone loves caviar, and someone can not understand what’s so special. So it is with milk: it has both fans and haters. However, in some form or other dairy products they consume almost everything and most people refer to it quite bearable. If you - among them, and want to lose a few extra kilos, you can get acquainted with several options dairy diet, which will be discussed in this post.

Diet Aphrodite

Diet AphroditeIn Greek mythology, Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty. Therefore its name is often referred to as a weight loss diet, as an integral feature of female attractiveness is a slim figure. Variants of Aphrodite, there are many diets. Most often, the so-called power scheme, which is based on the use of Mediterranean cuisine.

Watermelon Diet

Watermelon dietWatermelon diet is classified as mono-diet. Watermelon diet is considered to be tough enough, so do not comply with its longer deadline.

The average calorie daily diet of 1200-1350 kcal.

Model Diet

Model dietJudging by the name, the model diet is intended for the purchase of model appearance. However, judging by its duration, it is unlikely to reach its goal. Model Diet is one of the short circuit power to lose weight. In one embodiment, it takes 3 days, in another - 7 days. Let’s get acquainted with them.

Pineapple Diet

Pineapple dietWho among us does not like pineapples? This is perhaps one of those tropical delicacies, which like almost all children and adults. But few know that the sweet and juicy fruit contains only 56 calories. Tasty, useful and non-nutritive - that’s great!

Banana Diet

Banana dietBananas - a fruit that have a sufficiently high calorific value. Most people are aware of this and try to avoid them in the diet. However, there are power circuits, which involve the use of banana as the major product. Is it possible to lose weight on these fruits? Are there effective diets that reduce weight with the help of bananas? Let’s analyze the three most common banana diet and make conclusions.

The American Diet

The American dietThis diet is considered one of the most famous systems of combating obesity worldwide. Many Hollywood stars stick to this diet to stay in shape. Today, I can feel like a star each.

Nine-day Diet

Nine-day dietWant to quickly bring your body in good shape before the long-awaited vacation? Nothing could be easier. Nine-day diet will help you deal with this problem in a few days.

And why is it always? All year flies by, but we did not have time to enroll in a gym, in the shaping or dance, we eat what we want, and grabs his head only when the time is almost gone. And as always in the holiday expectations we stand before the mirror and realize that all night snacks, salted potato chips and crisps, beer and cocktails are our figure does not help, but rather spoiled her beyond recognition.

1kg Per Day Diet

1kg per day dietWhen a person in one day looking in the mirror and finds that his figure needs to be corrected, he goes online and begins to look for ways to lose weight out there. Moreover, a gradual decrease in weight was not satisfied. Man must necessarily lose weight quickly, to ensure a minimum duration period, when it will have to limit yourself to food. Many people tend to lose weight by 1 kg per day, but whether this is real rate of decrease body fat? Diets in which the authors promise such high rates of weight loss, there, and now we will discuss the most common ones.