Nine-day Diet

Nine-day dietWant to quickly bring your body in good shape before the long-awaited vacation? Nothing could be easier. Nine-day diet will help you deal with this problem in a few days.

And why is it always? All year flies by, but we did not have time to enroll in a gym, in the shaping or dance, we eat what we want, and grabs his head only when the time is almost gone. And as always in the holiday expectations we stand before the mirror and realize that all night snacks, salted potato chips and crisps, beer and cocktails are our figure does not help, but rather spoiled her beyond recognition. Looking in the mirror, we realize that with such a body to appear in a bikini on the beach – it’s a crime. An urgent need to do something!

First of all you need to tune in to the fact that, following the right diet of this diet, you will lose weight in a day 0.5-1kg. This is certainly a serious stress to the body, so before starting the diet is better to consult a doctor. This diet is not suitable for those who have stomach ulcers, diseases of the cardiovascular system, or even the uncommon cold.

Next, you should understand that no diet compliance, a periodic “jumping from diet”, etc. It leads to the fact that all is well kilos gone back to his place, and maybe even “friends” with a lead. Began to lose weight – grow thin, you do not want to lose weight – do not sit on a diet. To fix the result, it is necessary to understand that after the diet need to eat moderately and wisely.

Menu diet for 9 days:

This diet consists of three phases.

The first stage – three days to eat only rice, honey and drink the water.

On the day we take 250g long grain white rice, 2-2.5 liters of mineral water without gas, and 3 teaspoons of honey spoon.

On the night of rice soaked with cold water. In the morning, wash the rice in a colander to wash most of the cereal starch. Further boil in a saucepan for 15 minutes, adding rice and water in a ratio of 1:2, respectively.

Cooked rice divide into 5 equal portions and we eat it all day long, trying to avoid the strong feelings of hunger. Last time you can eat no later than eight o’clock in the evening. In between meals and after-meal drink water, distributing evenly. In the evening, lean on the liquid is not worth it. Also included in the diet of honey which eat in parallel with rice and water during the day. Honey is not spread on bread or cookies, eat a teaspoon with water.

Why this diet is effective? Figure acts as enterosorbent he cleans accumulated for a long time, toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, which actually promotes weight loss.

The second stage – the next 3 days, you can eat chicken or fish, water and honey.

On the day we need 1.2-1.3kg chicken or lean fish 700-800g, as well as water (2-2.5 l) and three teaspoons of honey.

Chicken or lean fish cook in a double boiler. In the morning we drink a glass of water, and then proceed to the meal.

If you chose the chicken, then it is necessary to remove the peel, then eat a whole piece of the leg and the back, that is where a fifth part of the carcass. Then carve the chicken, separating the meat from the bones, mix white and red meat, divide into equal portions and eat up during the remainder of the day. Last time we eat no later than seven o’clock in the evening.

If you choose the fish, it should be divided into 5-6 pieces and eat as well as chicken, for a whole day in equal portions, trying to avoid feeling hungry. To fish was delicious, you can add a little greenery and lemon juice.

You can alternate days fish and chicken to the diet was not too bothersome. As in the early days of drinking water, and we eat the honey.

Why do we lose weight? Receipt of protein contributes to the fact that fat cells break up fat, which contributes to rapid weight loss.

The third stage – the next 3 days, we eat only vegetables, water and honey.

Take a day 1 kg of vegetables, 2-2.5l mineral water without gas, and 3 teaspoons of honey spoon.

It is better to give preference to white, and green vegetables such as cabbage, zucchini, onions, etc. But also do not forget about beets, tomatoes and carrots, but take them to a lesser extent. Please take a pound of vegetables, finely chopped, and simmer, remaining vegetables, we are preparing a salad brush.

What do you need? Raw beet, raw carrots, some cabbage, fresh herbs, a few drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of olive oil, tablespoon water.

How to cook? Clean the vegetables and rub on a coarse grater or chop finely. Add the olive oil, lemon juice and water for juiciness.

Then we share the steamed vegetables into three parts and a salad as a brush into three equal parts. It is necessary to alternate the meals throughout the day.

Due to the vegetables in the body is reduced vitamin and mineral complex. Belly immediately becomes smaller, because effectively cleans all the deposits on the walls of the intestine.

Diet is over, and we can return to a normal diet. But because it is necessary to exclude:

  • Too salty foods and foods
  • Sweet soda water.

What can you eat? Eat low-fat cheese, no more than 50g a day, bread from wheat flour, no more than 4 slices per day. Also drink water in large quantities and keep the schedule meals. You need not eat more than 4 times a day in small portions at most 250g at a time no later supper seven hours.

The proposed diet is not too “hungry”, but it is quite specific. You do not need to combine diet with exercise, fitness, work in the country and other complex procedures. But on the contrary leave more move, walk, swim, dance – just relax actively.

Helpful advice

Ladies, if you know that you can not abandon all kinds of temptations on holiday, it is better to give up this diet once and for all! It is better to learn to enjoy its appearance as it is. If you can not resist the goodies and will be broken, then all your efforts will be in vain. And remember that any woman can be sexy, regardless of the splendor of forms. The main thing – it is a smiling, good spirits and good humor.

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