Model Diet

Model dietJudging by the name, the model diet is intended for the purchase of model appearance. However, judging by its duration, it is unlikely to reach its goal. Model Diet is one of the short circuit power to lose weight. In one embodiment, it takes 3 days, in another – 7 days. Let’s get acquainted with them.

Model diet for 3 days

It is unlikely that the model used the diet, which will be discussed. Rather, they use a more healthy ways to lose weight under the supervision of doctors. But the title of this three-day supply circuit stuck. diet menu model for 3 days as follows:

  • Breakfast – one boiled egg or boiled;
  • Dinner – 300 g of raw vegetables, can be in the form of salad, 2 fruit, 100 g of fish steamed.

Impossible to lose weight in 3 days at this menu. For such a short period of time at all you can not change the contours of the figure. Model diet limits caloric intake, but not so much that people lost weight. In addition, in the evening the candidates in the model are invited to taste the bread and butter, which violates several rules of diet.

Usually carbohydrates are consumed in the morning, so the body can use them up during the day. But the model diet allows you to eat an egg for breakfast only, half-day so people have to embarrass colleagues his rumbling stomach. In the evening, a candidate in the model would be a good idea to eat a light dinner consisting mainly of proteins and containing a minimum of calories. But no, he eats a calorie sandwich with butter, consisting of fats and carbohydrates.

Perhaps, it is possible to lose a few kilos for a month on a model diet. But so long it withstand very difficult. Besides, it is designed only for 3 days. During this time, you will surely not be able to buy a model appearance.

But there is another version of the diet. It is a hard and probably reduces the weight even by removal of bowel contents. If you need to urgently improve the shape of your abdomen, you can use the following diet:

Dinner (no later than 15 hours) – 100 grams of cottage cheese.

Diet is very difficult. It is harmful to health and brings only a temporary effect. Therefore it is better to pay attention to diet to lose weight at the expense of allowing the splitting of fat, rather than create the illusion of a flat stomach as a result of bowel emptying.

Model diet for 7 days

The seven-day model diet is more forgiving than both variants diet for 3 days. It involves three meals a day. Menu is very flexible. Low calorie diet, the amount of food is small. But the model diet for 7 days makes it possible to more or less normal breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

  • Breakfast – a small piece of boiled meat, two eggs, bread and butter, tea;
  • Lunch – fish or meat (no more than 100 g), 2 fruit, 250-300 g of vegetable salad with green peas;
  • Dinner – a salad of green vegetables (300 g), two slices of bread and butter.

Throughout the diet should drink water. It is advisable before each meal consumed green tea – at least one glass at a time. Additional fluid can overcome hunger.

Let’s have a diet rapid analysis. Obviously, the base diet – a protein-containing products and vegetables. One would assume that the diet allows you to lose weight by restricting carbohydrates. But one day a person eats three slices of bread with butter and two pieces of fruit, which, although they do not have a high-calorie, contain simple sugars. This limitation is not enough sugar to lose weight, even if the diet is observed for months.

However, it is likely that a person will be able to get rid of a small amount of fat due to the low calorie diet. Because dense foods on the menu only oil is present. But it is not enough – only a few grams. The relatively high nutritional value has bread. The rest of the food – it is vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs and fish. These products are considered useful for the figure.

Energy value of the daily diet is about 1000 kcal. Perhaps it will suffice to the amount of fat in your body has decreased by 0.5-1 kg. It is unlikely in the model diet for only 7 days you will be able to lose weight more. If you cut off a huge loaf of bread instead of a small piece, and inflict on him the oil layer two inches thick, you soon get better than that reduce weight.

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