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Meals Centenarians. Secrets of Longevity

Meals centenarians. Secrets of longevity Secrets of centenarians – in their diet. The greatest Greek physician Hippocrates and teacher, whose name is in our perception is inextricably linked with the famous Hippocratic Oath, rightly considered the “father of medicine”, claimed that any human disease is due to a breach of food habits and lifestyle.

It belongs to Hippocrates famous phrase: “We are what we eat”, thus emphasizing the most important role nutrition for human life and health.

Without exception, all people want to live a long time, but have to stay healthy, vigorous, firm in the mind and memory. Scientists around the world are trying to find the answer to the secrets of longevity, carefully study this phenomenon, trying to understand why so few people manage to live so long without the disease, although genetically the human capacity for approximately 150 years of life.

Power centenarians

Despite the huge number of hypotheses about the secrets of health and longevity, as well as the fact that all the various centenarians living conditions – climatic, geographical, social, and views of all scientists in agreement that the power of centenarians is very closely linked with longevity and plays it For all their differences and peculiarities, long-lived of all regions of the Earth have very similar features and rules for the use of food.

Slightly paraphrasing the famous line of Hippocrates, you can add that person – it’s not only what he eats, but also the fact that he was drinking. All the world’s centenarians drink only pure, natural spring water, which is the most important secret of longevity, since the human body is 75% water and therefore it is very important what kind of water it makes its internal reserves. On the crucial role of water in human life, norms of consumption and correct drinking regime for health read the article on our website.

Secrets of centenarians is pretty simple, like all brilliant. Centenarians world eat only those foods that grow in their climate zone without using anything to eat imported and exotic. It is so right that we should consider whether we need, such as bananas, which, undoubtedly, are a storehouse of vitamins, but only if they break and then eat.

However, as is known, bananas have not grow, they rip green, immature and thus are coated with wax and other harmful chemical compounds for prolonged preservation and transportation. So I ask, we need such fruits is not it better to eat an apple? The same question arises about the imported strawberries and watermelons have no taste, no smell, no good. Is not it better to wait for the season to gorge and plenty of delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables that grow in our area?

All centenarians eat very little of the world, never overeat and get up from the table without a sense of satiety. They are no excess weight and obesity, which are known to not add health and longevity. About the dangers of overeating and benefits of short breaks from eating to read this article.

Food in the diet dominated by long-lived low-fat and low-fat, which is very useful for keeping in perfect condition of blood vessels and the prevention of hypertension. The use of low-calorie food that has high biological activity, has long been experimentally proved by many scientists. Well known scientific experiment conducted on rats – in a subgroup of animals that reduced caloric intake by a quarter, life expectancy increased by 32%. However, where calorie reduced by 50%, the rats lived twice as long.

Food centenarians consume only fresh, it keeps the most of the vitamins and nutrients of food. Naturally, they reject the canned food and other unhealthy foods. No fast food, reheating and yesterday’s food out of the fridge, all the half-eaten give cattle.

By the way, according to some studies, this indispensable in the modern kitchen thing as a microwave, just destroys the products have passed the microwave treatment, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Therefore, whenever possible, should follow the example of centenarians – cook gruel and then eat it, not a three-day warm up in the microwave soup, which does not have anything useful. Especially do not recommend to warm up food in the microwave for small children.

Power centenarians virtually includes entrees and rich broth and meat on their menu is mainly present in cooked form. On the table there is always a lot of different herbs that help to keep the gut flora in perfect condition. In centenarians Abkhazia and Azerbaijan on the composition of intestinal microflora in general identical to the flora of healthy children, which is achieved by regular consumption of the national dairy products, which are known to be very useful for proper digestion.

An important secret of longevity is also made in the absence of sugar in their diet in its purest form, as well as a variety of jams, chocolates and other sweets today that can trigger the development of diabetes. Sugar they receive in the form of glucose, which is necessary for the body to quickly replenish energy deficit by eating honey, raisins and a variety of sweet fruit. Fruits and vegetables make up a large portion of all food centenarians.

Chinese gerontologists are absolutely sure that the formula found longevity and looks like this – very low calorie diet, with a minimal amount of fat and animal protein and lots of vegetables and fruits.

As far as this is true, time will tell, but do for yourself useful conclusions and adopt some simple secrets of centenarians in the diet, we just have to. Having started eating right, as do the long-lived all over the world, we will stop gaining weight, get sick, we are in great shape and, therefore, will live longer.