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Is It Possible to Remove Moles?

What is the mole, and whether they can be removed A large number of moles – a sign of longevity. Moles or nevi are medically, have each person and are small, light brown spots are usually no more than the size of a pea.

The cause of birthmarks

Most often, they are located on the body, at least on the mucous membranes of the eye or retina. A child is born without a birthmark, nevus first begin to appear at the age of 1-2 years, with the first tan, and usually unobtrusive and small in number. The most active moles appear at puberty and during pregnancy, aided hormonal changes the body.

The cause of birthmarks is not fully understood, but the emergence of new nevi always mean that at this point in the top layer of skin has accumulated melanin – the pigment that gives the skin a dark color.

One of the reasons for the appearance of moles, especially the large number of them, scientists believe a long exposure to the sun, most often nevi appear on exposed skin – face, shoulders and arms. They are more prone to the appearance of people with blue eyes and red hair, white skin and freckles, and the important role of genetic factors.

Despite the fact that nevi are benign tumors, they must be treated very carefully, in any case, do not hurt and do not burn home remedies in case of accidental damage. The fact that nevi, unfortunately, can sometimes degenerate into malignant melanoma – the most common form of skin cancer. Therefore, any change in a mole, whether it is color, size, tenderness or bleeding, should alert you and ask advice from a dermatologist.

Despite the fact that the owners of a large number of nevi are more at risk of getting melanoma of the skin, for which there is good news – the researchers found that such people have a much slower the biological aging of cells. A slower aging, as well known, is a sign of longevity and reduces the severity of various age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and many other.

Is it possible to remove moles

On the question of whether to remove moles, physicians respond positively, if necessary, for example in traumatic injuries or qualitative changes nevus. Especially susceptible to this birthmark, located on the palms, soles, scalp and neck, as well as those who are touched constantly clothes and accessories, injured when shaving and brushing. Any injury – is an occasion to visit a specialist to check the nature of the emerging changes.

Special attention pay attention to the size, color and shape of moles. If they do not grow or shrink in size, so are inactive and are not dangerous. If some of them are starting to grow strongly, rises above the level of the skin becomes uneven color (random mix of black, brown, gray and pink), has wrong jagged edges, cracks or asymmetric, then you need to seek immediate medical attention if necessary.

The main causes of malignant transformation of nevi doctors call trauma and exposure to the sun. With the very people with fair skin and a large number of moles (more than 50), especially if they include large (6 mm in diameter), it is necessary to limit the residence time in the open sun. They are not in any way be “burn” in the sun, because the sun burns occur during the development of malignant melanoma.

Is strictly forbidden to seal the birthmark before going in the sun, because the greenhouse effect may also contribute to its rebirth. Best of all these people in the shadows, as even sun creams are not able to fully protect nevi from harmful UV rays. To prevent dehydration of the skin and body, you need to drink every day for at least two liters of plain water.

Do not remove moles in beauty salons and at home grandmother’s recipes. Modern medicine has at its disposal a reliable and safe methods of removal of nevi – a laser, microwave, and elektroizlucheniya using liquid nitrogen. Only careful and respect for one’s skin can protect you from any serious problems.