How to Remove the Thighs?

how to remove the thighs in a weekLet’s face it: most normal men do not like fat women’s thighs. Maybe a huge ass resembles the consistency of jelly, a decoration for female hippo, but not for normal Russian women. With thighs need to do something about it, otherwise you will soon not be able to leave the house because they do not fit through the doorway. Believe me, the skirt is not fastened, not because she sat down after washing. The problem is not in the clothes, you just ate too long and heated for three ass on the couch instead of sitting on a diet and regularly move.

You can not only remove fat from the thighs, therefore, to remove the thighs, you have to lose weight. Start exercise. Join a fitness club, to work under the supervision of professional trainers. These are experienced people who know how fast you drive away with three sweat, and along with the fat thighs. Do not be ashamed of his fat ass. Believe me, you will not be alone. Next you will be engaged in such an aunt, next to which you feel Thumbelina.

If you are torn complexes, and you do not want to show others their fat thighs, practicing at home. But remember, in this case, you will be more difficult to achieve the expected result. Too low load will not bring the desired effect. If you on the contrary, will overload the muscles, they increase in volume, and in spite of reducing the amount of fat thighs become even thicker.

Great impact on your figure light exercise – walking, dancing, swimming. You will spend more time on them, but the results are sure you will enjoy. With them, you will not build muscle mass, but spent most amount of calories that allow you to lose weight. Lose weight, you remove not only the thighs and belly.

Stop overeating

If you are keen to remove the thighs, from this point on your favorite delicacy should be cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage. Forget about the sweets. For years, you catered to his stomach, ignoring the interests of the hips. Is it any wonder that the thighs swollen with jealousy? Now you have to take care of them, and it will have to severely limit your daily diet.

Eat as little as possible carbohydrate foods. You should also limit the intake of fats. Against the background of such a diet is necessary to increase the protein content in the diet. So you have every day to eat meat, fish, dairy products.

Surely you will torment hunger. You can get rid of it using anorectics drugs. If you do not want to poison your body with pills, you can use other methods. They are also effective, and totally free of charge:

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables;
  • Distracts from the food with the help of interesting activities or entertainment;
  • Hang in the kitchen designs, cause you disgust (worms, feces, human entrails, etc.);
  • Take a picture of your fat thighs and hang the picture on the fridge.

They say that massage promotes weight loss. Allegedly, on the one hand, it improves blood circulation, stimulating fat burning, and with another – leads to a decrease in the problem areas of the body due to mechanical action hand massage. Do not believe, you do not lose weight from massage. Still, this procedure can have a positive impact on the size of your thighs.

Even if you spend days aged in the massage table, exposing her ass skillful hands of a masseur, you still can not lose weight. But over time, get rid of cellulite. In addition, by improving the microcirculation and eliminate venous stasis of tissue accumulated leave them liquid.

Simply put, the swelling will go away. That they bear part of the blame for the fact that your thighs covered with orange peel. That swelling make your ass look even thicker than it actually is.

How to choose a massage? The interior offers a lot of options: hardware, vacuum, manual, honey, anti-cellulite… Choose any, they all give the same result. Perhaps a more pronounced effect you get from the anti-cellulite massage. But keep in mind that after a week you will groan, sitting on a chair. During the procedure, you feel as if the skin is separated from the body, and after the massage thighs covered with bruises. However, the beauty demands victims. Other types of massage differ in the way of, but not on the end result. Choose one that will be more enjoyable for you.

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